Maxnascie By Len Poles Part of the Xiaons (series) continuity.

Bending (pol. Magia, literally Zaginanie) in Xiaons was modeled primarily on Bending in Avatar. In Xiaons are six different types of magic about the strength of the genetic hierarchy (for example, is a potent gene Firebending, so it is much Firebenders).

Genetic hierarchy

  1. Firebending
  2. Earthbending
  3. Waterbending
  4. Lightbending
  5. Airbending
  6. Metalbending


Avatars are spiritually connected with each other, are born as close to 5500 days. The role of the Avatar is to teach the new Avatar Bending. If the world is no longer an Avatar Bending. At a time when only one Avatar has come into the world, bending back with his birth. Avatar fetus is probably within 5 weeks of age. By the fetus was an Avatar must live somewhere else Avatar.

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