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The Bending Arts have many sub-skills that masters have tuned to new levels throughout the Storms of the Future Cycle. Some are simple and easy to learn while other are hard and life-threatening.


  • Wrath of Fire: Wrath of Fire is an ancient firebending technique used in the most desperate situations. The firebender could focus their energy and increase their stamina and power for a short duration to increase it to a level beyond normal capacities. The user would often be coated in fire and could turn the immediate vicinity to ash. Avatar Tiros was a famous user of it as he single-handedly ended a rebellion by turning the army to ash. The drawback of Wrath of Fire is the power itself. Forcing the human body to summon and endure what its not supposed to has a negative effect, often decreasing a person's lifespan. Wrath of Fire has only been seen in an extroverted fashion.
  • Aang's enhanced firebending

    Tennohi is possibly capable of giving the power of a Sozin's Comet attack, but only for one strike.

    Tennohi: A new technique in development by Avatar Lirin. Lirin theorizes that if Wrath of Fire can be used to draw more power for a short time, that a firebender can draw all power in an instant. The idea is that for a single attack, the user can unleash all their firebending power for devastating effect. Tennohi is inspired by the introverted version of Wrath of Fire. However, as it is meant for one strike, it would deplete the bender of all their power, essentially removing their bending abilities.


  • Glassbending: Anyone who knows how glass is made will understand that it is nothing more than sand. A sandbender or strong earthbender could take this and run with it.
  • Magnetic Skin: An incredibly hard but useful technique. Earthbenders have long been able to use magnetism in earth shoes and climbing to scale surfaces they normally couldn't. A master of both metalbending and this technique could affect earth on a magnetic level. With it, they could repel any contact with their skin. Many mistake this for invincibility or iron skin, but it is a deflection technique. Only a master can do it, as anyone else will likely get cut down. It is especially hard for an earthebnder to master because for all its appearances, it is evasion as one makes the metal deflect from the skin rather than actually stop it. A full master can use the technique to 'split' the metal, ruining it.


  • Deprivation: Air is everywhere. This simple concept can give airbenders an incredible advantage. By depriving an enemy of air, one can remove the target or even the weapon. An airbender can suffocate a target until they pass out or die. Airbenders can also use it to disintegrate other elements. Both water and fire require air, by removing it, water loses its liquid form and fire starves out. The weakness to this is that earthbending, airbending's opposite, is the most resilient if not immune to the technique.


  • Tamashi Nomizu: This advanced bloodbending technique is for a warrior who has been wounded and rendered immobile. The user would bloodbend their own body, so that they could keep moving or keep their wounds from bleeding out. This is a very hard technique and one that sacrifices some other techniques as the amount of concentration required from Tamashi Nomizu is sometimes too much. A user of Tamashi Nomizu could sustain their body despite wounds such as their bodies bleeding from serious cuts and lacerations. The user could also harden the water and blood in their bodies to increase resistance to cutting weapons.

Dragon Fist

A special technique that can be used by all bending arts, including energybending. All the forms use the same technique and action, but the effect varies between arts.

  • Chi-blocking: Perhaps the deadliest, a successful Dragon-Fist can not only block the chi throughout the entire body, but it can paralyze them and kill them.
  • Firebending: By focusing on energy, the Dragon-Fist neutralizes the charge of chi, disabling bending control and stamina. When the user attempts to use bending again, the power will vary wildly between weak to overpowering.
  • Airbending: The least harmful, the Dragon-Fist sends a quick shutter of power that knocks out the target.
  • Waterbending: Almost identical to the chi-blocking Dragon-Fist, it acts faster but has the same effects.
  • Earthbending: The Dragon-Fist sends energy into the body but disrupts it, causing a loss of the sense of touch. Victims will be numb and unable to move properly, often rendering them worse than useless.
  • Energybending: As deadly as the chi-blocking variant, this Dragon-Fist can affect non-living targets as well. The attack breaks the bonds of energy in the affected area. This could lead to removed bending, though it is not permanent, or to the destruction of an object.


  • Tennohi is Japanese for 'fire of heaven' as ten no hi.
  • Tamashi Nomizu is Japanese for 'soul water' as Tamashi no Mizu.
  • Magnetic Skin is like Hierro of Bleach.
  • Dragon Fist is somewhat of a universal technique, though its effects vary.
  • Glassbending appears much like Sebonzakura in its attack though not nearly as powerful as the Bleach counterpart. However, it was not inspired by Bleach, just the mechanics of it.
  • Tamashi Nomizu's second ability is similar to Black Blood of Soul Eater, though that is coincidental.

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