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The Bending Defense Agency is a government organization dedicated to keeping benders from the general public through detainment or extermination. They are the main antagonists of the fanon story Alone.


The BDA is headquartered at Uluru Bending Complex, which also serves as a prison for captured benders. The complex is within Ayer's Rock (Uluru), located in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Their logo consists of a four pointed star with alternating shades of light and dark green. It is commonly seen on the uniforms of agents and on their vehicles.

Armed Forces

The Enforcers

The Enforcers are the front line of the BDA fighting force. Their missions primarily They mainly consist of captured Free Benders, though the BDA has been known to employ mercenaries. At the peak of the BDA's strength, but after the 1984 attack their ranks were almost destroyed. The current number resides around 450 as of the start of the series.

The Elite

The Elite is a four-person fighting team consisting of one bender from each element. The team was originally created during the midst of Avatar Joel's uprising. They were meant to impede or kill him, but failed to do so. After Joel's death, they have been seen heading the search for future reincarnations of the Avatar, attacking bending colonies, and negotiating with parties friendly to the Agency.

Morgan is the current head of the Elite.

The current members are:

Former Members:

  • Johanna (killed, Nov. 1984)
  • Tafari (killed, Nov. 1984)
  • Jordan (Deserted, Sept. 2001)
  • Kumara (Deserted, Sept. 2001)

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