Toph cries
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Everyone of our beloved characters within the Avatar universe has problems. Zuko with his anger, Aang with mistakes, Katara with her bitterness and Toph (according to LOK) with her love life. In Toph's case, it is easy to believe that she might have had some darker days as she grew older and even might have delved into some of the more unsavory areas of life just to get by.


You bend for him on Monday

You bend for him on Tuesday

You take a break on Wednesday

You bend again on Thursday

You spend it all on Friday

You're lost again the next day

You'll stop bending someday

But you're short of cash on Sunday

You bend for him on Monday

You bend for him on Tuesday

You have to bend on Wednesday

To pay for food on Thursday

You don't want to bend on Friday

But you end up doing it anyway

You can't sit on Sunday

because he bent you wrong on Saturday

You don't bend on Monday

You don't bend on Tuesday

You're starving by Wednesday

But you don't bend on Thursday

You need to bend on Friday

To fill yourself on Saturday

But you don't bend any day

Because bending took your life away

You bent for all who would pay

you bent for all and bent you stayed

Until your friends bent your way

And loved you still like everyday

They bent their hearts and helped you pay

For all that bending took away

They paid for all the bent and frayed

and fixed your heart and bent it straight

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