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This article is about the group. For the chapter, see The Ben Hai. For the upcoming spin off series, see Tales of the Ben Hai.

The Ben Hai is the elite group of benders situated in the earth town of Guang. It was founded by Master Onza and played a big part in the Dark-bending War. It is made up of 8 benders; 2 firebenders, 1 airbender, 3 waterbenders and 2 earthbenders. Avatar Naton is part of the team. They lost several members throughout the war. The first casualty was Onza (who resurrected), Kendo Gardie, and then Aeron, Beeno, and Tazen (who were resurrected as well).


Old Ben Hai

The first Ben Hai was the group of 4 friends who lived together. It was created by Onza Rakaen, along with Yeeko, Mome; and Shao. They secretly challenged bullies and child criminals, but they ran into their own problems. Yeeko and Mome began to be bullied themselves and Mome was taken to juvenile jail after he nearly killed one of the bullies. The three continued to fight together as they grew up. After they graduated, they lived together in a house (Shao paid the rent). One day, an injured spirit crash landed near their house and they healed the spirit. The dark spirit who had been chasing the spirit attacked and the three saved the spirit. In gratitude, the spirit granted each of them gifts. The spirit also warned them a new evil would rise. The three went their ways to prepare. Shao set up a team of agents in Republic City, Yeeko worked with his student, Izak, to form the Flare Rebels, and Onza gathered a large group of benders and situated them in the town of Guang. The evil did not come for a long time, but just as peace began to fill their minds, the Dark-bending Nation attacked. Yeeko and Izak were killed and Shao and Onza lost all of their men.

New Ben Hai

Onza had lost all of his benders. He searched the world and found that most of the benders had joined other armies or had been lost. He found 6 benders: Tazen, a skilled firebender who was the Fire Governor's son's bodyguard; Kian, a waterbender, son of Yeeko, who was the leader of the Flare Rebels (gave the position temporarily to his friend Zaro); Beeno, an earthbender who was a 3-time pro-bending champion; Aeron, the airbending son of Jinora; Karrie, the waterbending daughter of Ikki; and Kendo Gardie, a plantbending spiritual master who was a Northern Water Tribe hero. The Ben Hai defended the area from the dark benders. After the bank heist, the water merchant, Naton (later revealed as the long-expected Avatar), was taken in as their chef. He was transported to the Spirit World and was introduced to bending. He trained for weeks in the Spirit World and he rejoined and became a prominent member of the Ben Hai.

Book One: Dark

After Naton joined them, they traveled to the Forest of Thorns, where they met Kendo Gardie. After the battle at the Forest of Thorns, in which Onza was killed, they were led to the Flare Rebel camp, located in the Fire Nation. Kian returned to his position as leader and the Ben Hai fought and led the battle at Flare Fields.

Book Two: Light

Onza returned from the Spirit World as a light manifestation. The Ben Hai moved to Republic City and got caught up with the SEA, a huge criminal organization working with the dark-benders. After Republic City was completely evacuated, the Ben Hai, Rebels, and Republic City Guard, stayed in the homely Kobro mountain village, but they were tricked and Chief Toko revealed he was a chi-bender. During the Night of the Green Moon, the Ben Hai flee, heading to Omashu. They rested there, not until the darkbenders attacked again, thus beginning the Battle of Omashu. Gardie was killed and Naton was seriously wounded, but the battle was barely won by the arrival of the United Darkbending Rebel Force (UDRF), led by Jinora, Ikki, and Rohan.

Book Three: Avatar

The Ben Hai led the Siege of Ba Sing Se, retaking the Earth Nation capital. They then landed in the Southern Water Tribe. After Gardie's funeral, Tazen began training with Priest Choi. The Ben Hai were hunted by the assassin Shai Do. The Southern Water Tribe was attacked by Shai Do, dark spirits, Zoroz, Priest Choi, and the dragon Shang. Onza and Tazen were stranded on Blue Fire Island and Naton was trapped inside the Tree of Time, trying to figure out his and the Dark Lord's past.


  • Onza Rakaen - Lightbender, founder.
  • Kendo Gardie - Plantbender, spiritual master.
  • Naton - The Avatar.
  • Tazen - Firebending master, Fire governor's son's bodyguard.
  • Kian - Waterbender. Flare Rebel leader. Son of Yeeko.
  • Beeno - Earthbender. 3-time pro-bending champion.
  • Aeron - Airbender, son of Jinora.
  • Karrie - Waterbender, daughter of Ikki.

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