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Earth Kingdom, Aloi,Unaraq, Tanaraq, Avatar Rong Yan, Nuo Ju citizens, his father


Zhang the Tax Collector

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Book 2: Water Chapter 13: Kidnapped

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Book 2: Water Chapter 15: Sounds of Deception

Beiyin is a man that Rong Yan and the gang met in Nuo Ju, who promised he'd write a letter out to his friend who's the Royal Guard Captain in Ba Sing Se, to have the tax collectors arrested. Beiyin is also a secondary character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. He's only made two appearances in the series.


When Rong Yan, Aloi, Unaraq and Tanaraq had made a return to the town of Nuo Ju coming from Qizi's house, they had met a man leaning against a house wall named Beiyin. Beiyin knows where the men have their hideout but he hasn't been able to make an attempt to attack them since he's not an earthbender, he was just a mere man and could not beat up five men on his own.

The gang was not able to trust him though when he mentioned he had a connection with the Royal Captain of the Guard in Ba Sing Se. He mentioned that his father was kidnapped by the men, and if they're looking for the missing girl there is a chance she's there too. If they fight off the tax collector and his henchmen, it should give him enough to time free his father and the girl from their bonds.

They make a deal and in return Beiyin will write a letter to his friend along with the names of each of the soldiers, to have them be arrested. But they need good evidence, they devise a plan for the next day, then they head out the next morning.

They end up defeating the soldiers, and Beiyin rescues his father and Chouqi's daughter Huanle. After they arrive back in Nuo Ju again, Rong Yan hands Beiyin all the identification cards of the soldiers, so that he may write the letter to his friend. Unaraq comes along hauling all of their prisoners with him. Right then and there, the guards arrest the men and hold them there until the royal guards and the jailor come from Ba Sing Se.

Lying to the Guard

In Chapter 15, Beiyin is seen by Unaraq and Tanaraq when they are having their day out in town. When a sonic boom is heard from the mountains where the hermit Giman resides, it startles the people of the town. The guards had grown suspicious when Unaraq and Tanaraq try to explain to a guard that it must've been thunder and lighting, he wasn't buying their lies.

Beiyin, had done them another favor and calmed down the guard and explained that there doesn't need to be rain or dark clouds for lightning to come from the skies. The guard believed him though, and replied to him that he was right. After he was leaving he winked at Unaraq.

The cause of the sonic boom was Rong Yan's mistake in trying to slowly amplify the sound that Giman created, failing to do so resulted in the sonic boom.


Hand-to-Hand Combat

Beiyin was born a non-bender although with his stealthy personality, he has a few tricks up his sleeve. He is skilled in Hand to Hand combat, however, he's not a master but he knows enough to defend himself.


In Chapter 13, it was shown that Beiyin has skill in lockpicking, he had picked the locks on his father's bonds and that of the kidnapped girl to break them free. Meanwhile, Rong Yan and his friends were fighting the soldiers.


  • Unnamed Father (Father)



  • Beiyin means "shady" in Chinese.

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