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Farewell Fire Fountain City

"This is the Fire Nation Police, drop your weapons, the building is surrounded." I was going to attack them until the Lieutenant stopped me.

"No, they already cut off the ropes, there should be another way," he said.

"This is the last warning, surrender now!" the policeman shouted trough his megaphone.

I got tired of waiting and created a firewall in the middle of the stair as the team ran back to the control room. The policemen tried to pass my wall, but I kept feeding the flame as I backed up with the "Equalist".

"keep them away, once I start creating the escape my firewall will not be bent." I turned around to face the east wall and grabbed it as I started to focus my Firebending on the steel, trying to melt it to create a hole to escape.

I kept warming up the steel, as I heard fighting noises from behind me, sometimes I looked back if they needed help, but for the time we were doing fine.

"How long are you going to take, 'cause they keep coming!" one of the members shouted as he dodged an attack.

The wall turned into intense red, but it wasn't melting, I even tried to intensify the process by roaring at it, but the steel didn't melt. I turned around to help from the constant attacks from the police.

"I've told you that there isn't escape from this, we are going to get arrested!" the Lieutenant shouted from a corner as he kept countering the police with his kali sticks.

More policemen were coming from the stairs, this time with some kind of teaser pistols, they knocked out one of us and they kept shooting at us. I parried the shots from the police trying to push them back. One of the Firebenders shot me with a thunder; I barely managed to dodge it as the beam crashed on the wall where I was trying to melt it and cracked a bit; seeing this it was my chance to break through the building and escape from the police.

I turned around and shot a thunder beam as the wall finally ceased, the Lieutenant jumped out the building and his team followed him carrying on the knocked out person with them. I held the policemen for several minutes guaranteeing the escape from the Equalist. I did a backflip, jumping off the building as I realised the entire block was surrounded by patrol cars and plenty of policemen. They started to shoot fireballs at me as I dodge them pushing me away with my Firebending and before I landed on the ground, I prepared a lighting ball and landed with it on one of the police cars and exploited the sphere, creating static around 7 blocks from my position damaging the battery in the cars and weapons from the police. I heard a roaring coming towards me, I looked behind me and noticed that the Lieutenant came riding a motorcycle. I stretched my right arm to reach out the bike and mount behind him.

"Where are the others?" I said between my gasps.

"They went to the base to prepare the ship for tomorrow, we are going to invade the Fire Nation Capitol and with it taking the control of the city," the Lieutenant said while we kept sneaking down the city.

"You did a fine job back there, I assumed we were going to jail this night, but you are full of surprises," he said as we get out of the city.

We were back to my grandma's home and I took off the mask as I walked to the main door. I opened it as I saw the dining room, Azula was on her usual spot to the North and Urabach was standing behind her, the Lieutenant came after me.

"The message has been delivered," he said kneeling in front of the table.

"Good, as we know we part tomorrow to the capitol and wait for the reinforcements in the old bunker under the city," Urabach said with a smirk.

Azula looked at me and nodded, her eyes were very calm.

"This drink is for you Azulon," Urabach said as he raised a wooden cup and drank from it, he shook his head as fire came from his coughs, after that he smiled at me showing me his burned teeth. I walked towards my room to sleep.

"We sail tomorrow and it will be a 5 day trip, we should not call attention on us," Azula said before I could enter into my room.

I opened the door and walked towards the bed, I noticed that the window was open but I was too tired to close it and I landed on the mattress. I looked to the ceiling and closed my eyes slowly.

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