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Being Assaulted
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October 30, 2009

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Being Assaulted is the twelfth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Toph and Aang train in Earthbending a little bit before going to bed. The next morning they are ambushed, leading to another confrontation with the Firefighters.


Aang and Toph stand around 10 yards apart. Toph is smiling, since she knows she's going to get a fun training day in. "Okay Twinkle Toes, back to some basics. I'm going to draw a line, and you can't go past it."

"Okay Toph. That's it?"

"Oh, no. You're going to have to stand through all these attacks."

Sokka, who was watching, decided to interject. "You know, Aang, now that you've mastered the Avatar State, you don't need to keep training."

"Well, that's true Sokka, but I don't want to rely on my past lives. You've seen what happens to a world without an Avatar for only a hundred years, imagine if there wasn't one anymore. I don't want to have to put the world through that, so the less I use the Avatar State, the less of the risk."

"Touching, Twinkle Toes, but we have some practice to do. As I was saying, stop all these, and no earth walls. And, no using the other elements; just earth. GO!"

Toph began firing off many rocks towards Aang, who stopped them with relative ease. In the midst of the rocks, she slid her foot forward and began making a fissure that sent at Aang. He knew it was coming, and stopped it before it got near him by twisting his foot. Toph used this opportunity to lift a large boulder out of the ground and threw it at Aang. Aang divided the boulder in half before it reached him and sent the two halves in different directions.

"Excellent job, Twinkle Toes. Now you're thinking like a true Earthbender."

"Thanks, Toph."

Sokka, who was still almost watching, yawned loudly. "I'm tired. Let's go to sleep"

An Assault

The next morning, as the team slept, Toph woke up and raised a massive earth column that was large enough to lift the entire camp. The rest of the group was shocked into waking up. Sokka was the first to voice his shock "Hey, Toph what was that for?"

"There is a flood coming this way!" As she finished, a massive torrent of water crashed into the bottom of the column. Katara began freezing it, and Aang followed from the other side. Once it was all done, Toph lowered the earth to the level of the ice. Aang wanted to know what happened. "Where did all of that come from?"

A voice came from the direction of the flood: "From me." A lone Waterbender slid over the hill and stopped about a hundred feet from the team.

Katara shouted towards the figure "Who are you?"

The figure starred back solemnly, "Katas" was all that he said.

Zuko steps forward. "Are you a Firefighter? We don't want to have to fight you."

Sokka decides to add to the comment "Plus its five on one. You can't win."

"That's why I didn't come alone." He bent up a large amount of water above his head and began forming it into a drill. Many other Waterbenders arrived by his side in the same manner he had, and began funneling more water into the drill. "Aqua Assualters! FIRE!"

The water drilled forward at a blinding pace. Katara and Aang jumped forward, divided the drill in two and redirected it back at the Assaulters. Zuko launched a massive jet of fire from in between them, which the Aqua Assualters blocked with an ice wall. Katara pulled up water from the ground and used it to form a whip. She swiped at the leader, who carelessly took the water from the whip and changed it into ice spikes, which he fired back at her. She hadn't been expecting that, so Aang had to create an ice wall between the ice and her. She then began firing off chunks of the ice towards various members of the Assaulters, who formed it back into water and began bending it into a large wave, along with the rest of the ice on the ground. Their leader began raising the wave behind him, along with the rest of the Assaulters, who were helping from behind. He parted the wave around him and sent it flying towards Team Avatar.

Aang turned around towards Toph "Raise the column up like before!"

They both created a massive earth pillar that lifted the team like before. From there, the team looked down on their attackers. "Why are you attacking us?" They looked, and saw only a massive fog at the base of the pillar.

One man walked out of the mist and looked upwards, fixing his eyes on Aang. "We are under Mitros' orders. Nothing he has ever ordered us to do has ever caused us harm, and has only served to better our tribe. You have pardoned the most evil villain of the century after he killed so many of our own. That is why we do what we feel is necessary. If you oppose us, you will regret it."

Zuko, along with the rest of the team, recognized that logic. "You're with the Firefighters, aren't you?"

"Yes. You have undone our work, and you, Fire Lord, will pay." Just as the fog began to settle, a compressed jet of water emerged, directed at just below the surface of the pillar. Zuko reacted quickly and created a fire wall in front of the jet, which did little to prevent the attack. Aang and Katara began redirecting the jet, Aang directing it left, and Katara right. Katara saves the last small amount of water and compresses it into a massive ice ball, which she sends towards the Assaulters. Aang creates a jet of air behind it, increasing the speed of the ice, and creating a massive impact on the ground. Out of the mist emerges many Assaulters who begin surrounding the pillar. Aang and Toph lower the pillar, and Zuko creates a ring of fire around the base to ward off the assailants.

The fire is quickly put out and one Assaulter uses a water whip to lash at Zuko. He counters with a long fire whip, and manages to knock his opponent off his feet. Aang pulls the water away from him and gives it to Katara, who begins using the whip to better effect.

Toph begins growing angry; "AH! I can't do anything! We should go somewhere where I can fight!"

Aang creates an air sphere around the team and they all begin going towards Appa. "Get on Appa! Let's get out of here!"

They get on Appa and begin flying out of the area. Toph is noticeably disappointed "I didn't get to fight at all!" As she finished talking, another jet of water began flying towards Appa. Aang leapt off of Appa's head and blew a cold blast of air at the water, freezing it and stopping its progress. Katas looked up at the bison, knowing that they would meet again, as Aang and Zuko looked back, thinking the same thing.


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