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Beifong family
Bei Fong Family
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Lao Bei Fong

Notable members

Poppy Bei Fong, Toph Bei Fong


Sud Bei Fong




Earth Kingdom


Remain a wealthy family

The Bei Fong Family, an upper-class Earth Kingdom family, is the wealthiest family in the village Gaoling. Founded by Sud Bei Fong, the current members of the family includes the father Lao Bei Fong, the mother Poppy Bei Fong, and their only daughter Toph Bei Fong. Their home in Gaoling, big and with extensive gardens, also houses many guards and servants. The symbol of the Bei Fong family is a flying boar, and the family Earthbending instructor is Master Yu, resident of Gaoling.



Sud Bei Fong, the patriarch of the current family

The family's origins trace back to the early Earth Kingdom, though they were not always the wealthiest family. Eventually a member of the family, Sud, became a powerful Earthbending master. After being chosen to train the Avatar, he rose to prominence and eventually gained power in the small town of Gaoling. Sud's descendents made smart investments, and the family's wealth and influence grew. His descendents also maintained a close connection with Roku's descendents, although it was strained by the War.

The Bei Fong Family remained in Gaoling, and had a blind daughter: Toph Bei Fong. She was the only child of the family, and she was sheltered by parents who believed her blindness made her fragile and incapable of looking after herself. They went to extreme measures to protect her, including hiding her existence from the rest of the world. Toph, resenting her parents' treatment, grew up hard and rebellious.

Beifong estate

Bei Fong Family mansion in Gaoling

At the age of six, she ran away from home into a cave inhabited by Badgermoles. These creatures were the first Earthbenders and according to Toph, she understood them, and they understood her, because they were both blind. She learned Earthbending by imitating their movements. Toph learned to "see" through the use of her Earthbending, feeling people and other objects through their vibrations, which she feels through the ground via her bare feet. Although her father, Lao Bei Fong, later hired the Earthbender Master Yu to instruct her, he didn't teach her anything other than beginner moves, unaware that she had already become very powerful. She became such a powerful bender that she secretly entered underground Earthbending tournaments as the Blind Bandit, and was the champion of Earth Rumble VI. After she was defeated by Aang in the final tournament, he and his friends went to her house to request Toph for to be the Earthbending teacher for Aang, the Avatar. She refused at first because her parents did not know about her powers. Her parents explained their understanding of the condition of their daughter; but that night Aang and Toph are kidnapped by Xin Fu and other competitors of the Earth Rumble VI, asking for a reward for their rescue. Lao Bei Fong went to rescue his daughter and witnessed her Earthbending skills when she saved Aang. Toph asked about teaching Aang Earthbending, but her parents, still not understanding, did not give her permission. That night Toph escaped with Aang, Katara, and Sokka, lying by saying that her parents had changed their minds. Lao and Poppy Bei Fong, believing that the Avatar had kidnapped Toph, hired Xin Fu and Yu to rescue their daughter.

A few years before the Avatar arrived, Lao was approached by a woman, claiming that she needed his help. She revealed herself to be Ursa, and that she was descended from Avatar Roku. Lao took her in, feeling a powerful connection to this woman. He used his influence to keep her identity a secret, though after the War, Iroh managed to track her down. After an audience with Lao, Ursa left Gaoling to go with Iroh.


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