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Fire Days Festival
Bei Dao
Physical information

Northern Earth Kingdom, north of Taku


Fire Nation Colony


Earth Kingdom / Fire Nation coin, both accepted

First appearance

Eyes of Katara

Bei Dao is currently a Fire Nation colony and typically resides in peaceful standing with its surrounding neighbors. The town is ran under strict guard of Fire Nation occupancy, yet presents little militant threat to the lands.


This was once a quiet, peaceful Earth Kingdom town for many a decade. Throughout the hundred year war with the Fire Nation it saw little action as it posed no threat and offered even less resistance. Most all of this villages Earthbenders had already left to join the war efforts; leaving behind hunters, wives, and children to see to the villages day to day requirements.

While Bei Dao saw little action in the war; it saw even less attention from the Earth Kingdom itself. No visitors ever frequented it, leaving little trade opportunity and even less flow of Earth Kingdom coin. Due to the lack of outside trade, the members of this town learned to be self-sufficient, able to see to their own needs and survival.

In 96 AG this town fell under Fire Nation attack. Due to its lack of formal defense, non-bender hunters providing their only line of defense, the Fire Nation sent mostly non-benders to assault and claim the town with a single quick blow during the night to aid in their assault. All those who offered resistance were killed, those who remained behind were shipped to Fire Nation prisons, while those who fled escaped to live in freedom another day.

A month after the capture of Bei Dao, numerous Fire Nation colonists moved in and settled. Surprisingly they found zero resistance and took to their new home instantly. The city continued to thrive as more families settled, stirring to life the once dormant town to more than it was before.

Present Day

This town is under Fire Nation control with numerous guards stationed to ensure order is kept. Despite the military presence, this town lives quietly among its Earth Kingdom neighbors without trouble. The Fire Nation citizens that have moved after its capture settled in, living a life of simplicity similar to which the town had previously known.

This town has become a hub of entertainment, sharing in extravagant celebrations and Fire Nation propaganda. Renowned circus actors put on shows regularly as well as other festivities directed to maintaining the happiness, loyalty and allegiance of this new colony to the Fire Nation.


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