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"Beginnings" is the second chapter of Anti-Avatar.


Azula is in the fight of her life trying to free her father when she faces a large number of tough guards. Just when she thought it was over, she meets a mysterious man and Zuko. Sokka, Toph, and The Mechanist are gathering people, but, where is the motivation? If they gathered enough people, Sokka will need the approval of Avatar Aang.


  • Azula meets a man and starts fighting Zuko.
  • Sokka, Toph, and The Mechanist are having difficulty with gathering people.

Sokka asks Avatar Aang for approval for the city.








Roku (spirit)


The Word on the Street

Sokka, Toph, and T.M. made newsletters of the building of the new city. It says
Ransom letter
"Dear Citizens of the World,

We are building a new city to make up for the damage left by the war. Its name will be revealed very soon. It is accessible for all nations, organizations of the new bending arts, and everyone. The Avatar or the leader of the Avatar's original tribe will be the head of the government. Everything else is unknown. Until then, it is now under construction and help is wanted. Everyone is able to help.

- Sokka, Toph, and The Mechanist"

The three of them (and Teo) are waiting for employees.

Azula's Fight

"I'm so glad to see you, Azula." - Ozai

He steps outside his cell and gives Azula a hug. Tears was on her face and were wiped off.

"There they are. Attack!" - Guards

There were more attacking guards than the ones outside. Five Firebends at Azula, but, she block it. She attacks them head on. Kick on the head on the first one, elbows on the stomach on the second and third ones, jumps, and clash their heads together. Paralyzes the fourth one's legs and twists/breaks the fifth one's right arm and pushed him to the ground.

"Why didn't you Firebend at them?" - Azula

Avatar Aang removes Ozai's Firebending 4 years ago.

"The Avatar took my powers four years ago." - Ozai

They race towards the door but 12 guards appeared! Azula jumps, spins and firebends a circle from her hands and feet. All fell down. They made it outside, but, there were millions of guards here, there, and everywhere! Azula screams as she strikes!

Zuko's Decision

Zuko is in the same outfit he was in during the DoBS four years ago.

"What do you think you're doing?" - Mai

"I'm going to see Azula for Round 2 of our Agni Kai." - Zuko

"Before you go, I have two things for you. First, we are going to help you!"


"Hello, nephew!" - Iroh


"Secondly, I found our messenger and he has something to tell you."

The person who sent the message to them appears.

"Azula was the one who destroyed the facility and everyone in it. She knew you would come after her." - The Doctor

"Uncle, what should I do?" - Zuko

"Don't ask me. You're the Fire Lord. I'll follow what ever you want me to do." - Iroh

"So will I." - Mai

Zuko thinks for a minute.

"We're gonna face Azula." - Zuko

Sokka's Speech

They waited for an hour and no one came to volunteered.

"Later." - Teo

"Wait. I know they'll be someone. I just know it!"

Teo groans.

A guy passes by. Sokka confronts him.

"Hello, do you not see the posters we made up? We've waiting been an hour, so, would you be the first volunteer? We'll pay you." - Sokka

"Sure. I'm Gou of the Fire Nation. You are?"

"Sokka of the Souther Water Tribe. Welcome, abroad." - Sokka

"You're Sokka?!" - Gou


"I think I know a way to help you get more employees, follow me."

Minutes later, Gou appears in front a large crowd of Fire Nation people. He yells to get their attention.

"Okay Sokka, I got their attention! You ready?" - Gou

Sokka is shaking nervously.

"Don't worry, Sokka. We'll be with you." - Toph

She punches him.

Sokka, Toph, T. M., and Teo appears in front of the crowd.

"Dear people of the world, we are stand here before you today that a new city will be in our mist. We can't do this alone. We are begging for your assistance. The War tore apart bonds with our brethren in our nations. It made it seem our nations of different individual people. We are not different! We share this world, we live in this world, we are the same! This city will symbolize a world of one nation. We will no longer live separately, but, together. So who's with me?" - Sokka

The crowd applause the idea and comments like "Yeah!", "Where can I sign up?", and "For a new world."

"Well done, Sokka." - Toph

"Thanks you guys. Even you Gou." - Sokka

"You're welcome." - Gou

A New Friend/ Azula Vs. Zuko - Round 2

Azula is breathing heavily as she beat all the guards. But, one guard appears to strike Azula. He froze and fell down. A mysterious man appears before her.

"Who are you?" - Azula

"Yaiba, Princess Azula. I'm very much like you except I'm not crazy." - Yaiba

"I maybe crazy, but, you are not like me!"

"You should be thanking me for saving your life."

"True. You have my thanks. We must be on our way."

Yaiba observes Azula grunting and panting as struggles to carry the weak Ozai. He thinks for a moment and comes up with an idea.

"I have a house near here, you NEED to come by or I will burn you to ashes!!" - Yaiba

Azula stops and looks at Yaiba as fire bends out from his hands to prepare in combat.

Later, Yaiba prepares some beverages for the both of them. Ozai is resting on the living room couch covered by a blanket. Yaiba gives Azula and Ozai tea. Azula's eyes widen.

"This tea.... it's amazing! I feel much better and stronger." - Azula

"Yes, I agree." - Ozai

As they compliment Yaiba's tea, Mai observes them with binoculars.

"Okay guys. Whenever you're ready." - Mai

"You're ready Zuko?" - Iroh

"Let's do this, Uncle." - Zuko

They move down the slope of rocks. Zuko and Iroh jumps and make an air kick towards the window and breaks it and rolls on the floor.

"Well, that is a very rude entrance. Now I have to pay for a new one!" - Yaiba

"What are you doing here?!" - Azula

"We've came to put you back in prison, so, stand down and surrender or we'll have to make you stand down by force. " - Zuko

"NEVER!!" - Azula

"STOOOPPPP!!!!" - Yaiba

Everyone paused.

"Can't we at least take this fight outside?!" - Yaiba

Azula and Zuko are ready for an Agni Kai.

"This Agni Kai will settle our last one four years ago." - Zuko
Zuko slides over the ground

Azula took down Zuko on Sozin's Comet four years ago.

"I'll still win." - Azula

"Before we fight, let me ask you something. How were you able to escape? It was heavily guarded specifically for you."

"During my time there, I figured out the only way to escape and do what they until they marked me free. I passed all their therapies and exercises. I also made it a secret training camp!"

Azula charges at Zuko. Zuko fire fist at Azula, but, she disappeared! Azula firebends from behind, but, Zuko blocks it. Zuko uses his "Breath of Fire" at wide, long range. A fire dome surrounds her, but, it vanishes, tiring her. Azula fiercely bends fire in the air making a fire dragon. It strikes down at Zuko.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" - Zuko

"Zuko!!!" - Iroh

"You're next, Uncle Iroh!!" - Azula

Iroh idles in stance. Azula charges at him. She moves swiftly to the left and right repeatedly.

"You fool!" - Iroh

He kicks fire, but, Azula jumps. He growled. He regnerated lighting and shot it at Azula. She redirects it!

"(Gasp) When did you learn to redirect lighting?!"

"I'm fast learner thanks to Zuko. My secret is timing."

"(Growls)" - Iroh

An explosion occurred.

"What's going on?" - Iroh and Azula.

Zuko returns with a torn up shirt.

"I'm not finished just yet, Azula! You'll have to incinerate my body to beat me!"

Azula propels to Zuko as Zuko charges at her from midair.

In Time Of Need

Sokka is in Omashu. He walks in to the palace and sees Katara!

"Sokka!" - Katara

Katara races towards Sokka and hugs him.

"What brings you here to Omashu?!" - Katara

"I need to see Aang. Me and my friends are building a new city and we need his approval. Is it true King Bumi is looking for an successor?" - Sokka

"He just went to the Southern Air Temple. He said Avatar Roku is giving him a great power and some important news. Good thing Appa is here."

Appa charges at Sokka. Sokka runs, but, Appa flies, lands on Sokka, and gives him a lick.

"(Giggles) Looks like he missed you." - Katara

"I missed you too, Appa." - Sokka

He and Katara gets on his back.

"To the Southern Air Temple. Yip yip." - Sokka
Appa soaring

To the Southern Air Temple!

Appa flies through the sky.

"What is Suki doing?" - Katara

"She and the other Kyoshi Warriors learning Earthbending from Haru." - Sokka

"Wow. Hey, we're almost there."

They made to the temple. They see Aang meditating spiritually in front of the statue of Monk Gyasto.

Spirit Message

"Avatar Roku, what is it?" - Aang

"Hello, Avatar Aang. Since you're 16, your identity as the Avatar should have been revealed to you 100 years ago. But instead, I will be giving you a gift for you and your friends, but not now. You will know when a rainbow light appears in the sky." - Roku

"Thanks, Roku."

"Darkness will spread the earth because Ozai has escaped from prison! You may think he has no bending to fight, but, don't underestimate him. He will become stronger!"

"What should I do to defeat him?"

"I don't know. (Fading)"

"Roku!! (In the real world) Sokka! Katara! Hi" - Aang

"What did Roku say?" - Katara

"He said we'll receive a gift, but, he also said Ozai escaped from prison and darkness will cover our world."

This shocks everyone!!


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