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The Beginning of the Avatar Cycle is a fanon event in the Avatar: Energy Saga continuity. The Avatar Cycle began when the Avatar – the master of all four elements, began the process of reincarnation. This coincided with the introduction of the bending of the four elements to the world. These occurrences are presumably related. Prior to this, human benders bended their energy.

The Avatar

The Avatar can bend all four elements and is the only being capable of bending more than one element. The Avatar also holds the potential to bend Energy, although few Avatars have ever done so. Indeed, the only Avatar known to have done so at this time is Aang. The Avatar Cycle began when the First Avatar was born as a human. This was at the same time that humans stopped bending Energy and started bending the four elements. Although the knowledge of what happened during this time is lost to humans, it is generally believed that the First Avatar had something to do with the ceasing of Energybending and the ascent of the Elemental Bending – that is, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending and Airbending.

The Avatar Cycle

As the Avatar Spirit is a human, he/she is the bridge between the Mortal World and the Spirit World. The Avatar Cycle is the process of the reincarnation of the Avatar Spirit into a human. As soon as one Avatar dies, another one is born as the spiritual reincarnation of the preceding Avatars. The nation that the Avatar is born into is determined by the nation of the previous Avatar. The cycle goes: Water, Earth, Fire, Air. For instance, an Air Nomad Avatar will be born after a Fire Nation Avatar dies and when that Avatar dies, a Water Tribe Avatar will be born to take their place. This cycle is also the order in which they are supposed to master all the elements, with their own nation's element first.

In the rare event that an Avatar practices Energybending, they generally learn to bend Energy last, regardless of which nation they are from.

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