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"Beginning of a Nation" is the first chapter in the first book of Building of Republic City.


Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko create a nation for freedom and harmony but find it to be very hard.


The episode begins after the Harmony Restoration Movement and Aang is talking with Zuko. He tells him that he thinks that they should create a nation where everyone can be free. Zuko thinks that is a great idea, but they have to find a good area to build the nation. Aang shrugs his should but then tells him that they can look with Appa. Zuko agrees. Aang tells him that he will be back. Zuko nods and Aang walks into the other room. He finds Katara and tells her his plan. Katara says that is a great idea. Aang thanks her and he gets on Appa with Zuko and flies away. Katara waves goodbye.

About two days later, Zuko wakes Aang up and points down in an open area in the Earth Kingdom. Aang takes Appa down in the open land and the two get off. Aang and Zuko start to look around. Aang looks around and finds the perfect place for the capital city. Then Zuko and Aang brought a table down with a peace of paper. Zuko and Aang start drawling and planning out the city. Then the two pick up the finished blue-prints in the air, then it shows them bring the plans back down and the view turns to the location almost complete. Aang and Zuko look at each other and nod.

A card shows "13 Months Later..." Aang and Zuko walk into the city hall and appoint Sokka the head councilman. Aang tells Sokka he can name the bay. Sokka says, "Yue Bay!" Aang nods. Aang and Katara are sitting in the City Hall. Aang tells her that he can create a home for all of them. Katara thanks him and they fly on Appa to the bay. They land in front of the Police Headquarters and takes Toph. When they get to the dock, Katara creates an ice path toward the bay, then they all walk to the edge. Aang and Toph earthbend the island up and another rise of an area on the island. Aang says that the island will be named "Air Temple Island". Katara and Toph nod.

Then it shows Aang and Katara holding hands and walking into the temple home. Katara gasps and says she loves it. Katara says to Aang, "You're only 15 and you created all of this for us!" Aang nodded. Then they get a knock on the door. When Aang answers it was Zuko. He tells him that he can come in. Zuko says thanks but he can't. Aang confused asks what was wrong. Zuko tells him that he was very happy for the results for the nation but he has to return to the Fire Nation. Aang asks why. Zuko says he was still the Fire Lord and he has to return to the Fire Nation. Zuko says he will visit as much as he can. Aang and Katara give him a hug and give them there wishes. Zuko thanks them and he gets on a boat and leaves for the Fire Nation. Aang and Katara waves good bye to him as the boat leaves.


Major Characters

  • Avatar Aang
  • Fire Lord Zuko
  • Katara

Minor Characters


  • Katara and Aang moved in to Air Temple Island very young.
  • The bay was named after Yue.

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