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This chapter is the first chapter of Legend of Mei Lien written by Skybender101. I am very happy about this chapter. I hope you enjoy it!

What this chapter is about

This chapter will explain a lot about why Mei Lien and her mother, Lanying, are traveling. Mei Lien's diary entry will express a lot of her feelings about her life and what she has been through. There is some suspense at the end which I hope you (my readers) like. You will be introduced to the Earth King and Ranu, the antagonist of my fanon.

The Beginning

Mei Lien's eyes focused carefully on the trout that swam around a shallow part of the flowing river. The trout darted quickly around Mei Lien's legs. The girl wished she could Earthbend the fish out of the water, but she knew that would not work. She held up her fishing spear, targeting the fish. Whoosh! Mei Lien struck swiftly at the trout. She waded out of the river smiling proudly. She and her mother were going to eat well tonight.

Red berries

Red berries

Lanying used her nimble fingers to pick out some delectable looking red berries for she and her daughter to eat. She and her daughter have been living off of fish, berries, animals, nuts, and more. Living out in the wilderness was very challenging and Lanying and Mei Lien experienced many scary incidents while journeying outdoors.

Lanying remembered the time when she and her daughter had to cross the long thin birch log across the Laku River. She remembered that Mei Lien fell into the rushing river and was saved by a giant seal-turtle. Lanying smiled at the memory and headed back to their set up camp.

Mei Lien found her mother back where she had left her. She was sitting quietly on a log with a basket of red berries on her lap. When she saw that her daughter arrived with a large trout, she beamed.

"Very nice catch Mei Lien!" her mother, Lanying, exclaimed. She thought that her daughter had many talents and gifts, including fishing. Mei Lien wrapped the trout with rabbit-sheep skin and saved it in her backpack, so she and her mother could have it for dinner at night.

Lanying held up the basket that was sitting on her lap. "I collected red berries from bushes on the other side of the river. They are not poisonous, and they taste delicious."

Mei Lien plucked a berry out of the basket and popped it in her mouth. Her tastes buds tingled with a sweet berry taste. "Mmmm! Delicious, mother!"

Mei Lien sat on another log next to her caring mother. She grabbed her traveling backpack and pulled out an old notebook and an ink brush.

Dear Diary,

It has been eighty-four days since we left home. We have been traveling ever since we left. Mother wants to find a job in Ba Sing Se so we can make a living there. Mother told me stories about the biggest city in the Earth Kingdom. Some of the tales she told about Ba Sing Se seemed too good to be true. She told me that people eat full meals three times a day! My mother and I lost everything when our father died. Mother had no job, only father did. He helped build buildings and structures in our village.

Father was also a prestigious Earthbender in our village. Once he died of illness, we had no money to pay for our house and mother could not find a job in our small town. I miss my dad dearly and I hope he will visit me in my dreams, but I know that will never happen. Mother believes she can find a good job in Ba Sing Se. Mother tells me every day that I am a gifted Earthbender. She says I am better than most people my age, which I doubt. Although... I always practice my Earthbending skill every day.

Mother uses her map of the Earth Kingdom often to calculate where we are going. She never lets me use the outdated map. She will not even let me look at it! She uses it all the time when we are traveling. Sometimes I think she will get us lost, but so far that has thankfully not happened. We are heading north to Ba Sing Se and that is all that matters.

Mei Lien

The whole time Mei Lien wrote, Lanying studied her daughter. Mei Lien had long dark brown hair with glowing hazel eyes. Her Earth Kingdom outfit was faded and worn, after months of travel. Mei Lien dropped her writing supplies back in her backpack. "I am going to practice my Earthbending. Is that okay?"

"Of course Mei Lien, but please be careful. Being near the mountains can cause erosion, and then large rocks could fall down and hurt you!" Lanying said worriedly to Mei Lien.

"Mom! If that ever happens, I can use Earthbending to protect myself," Mei Lien replied, annoyed.

Lanying quickly stood up. "Yes, yes, I know. I am sorry Mei Lien. I am not treating you like a fifteen-year-old. While you are off practicing, I will collect firewood for our campfire. Nightfall is approaching us soon."

Mei Lien journeyed a short distance to flat earthy ground. She felt her chi paths glow as she Earthbended boulders in a circle around her and launched them out in the open. It was a great way to help reliquish all of her angers and her worries. "Hiyah!" she roared as she slammed a chunk of earth into a sturdy tree, startling all of the animals around her. Mei Lien smiled to herself. She was getting stronger and stronger every day.

Mei Lien breathed deeply, feeling her chi paths, and shot earth up from the ground. She pretended that a tree was her enemy and blasted a sharp circular chunk earth at it. "I'll call that move "Circular Earth Attack," Mei Lien panted aloud, sweat dripping down her face. "No, that's stupid. Hmmm... maybe 'Earth Slice!'"

The Earthbender girl stopped smashing earth when she heard a loud roar followed by a familiar scream.

Mother! Mei Lien bolted off into the trees to find her mother.

In Ba Sing Se: The Earth Kingdom Royal Palace

Earth Kingdom Palace main hall

The Earth King's Palace in Ba Sing Se

The Earth King paced impatiently back and forth near his golden throne.

"Hmmmm... the next Avatar in the cycle is an Earthbender. We should know who this Earthbender is!" he cried to his head general, Ranu.

Ranu's eyebrows furrowed. "There should be no Ava-. I mean, your majesty, I'm sure we will know who the Avatar is quite soon."

"But how and when! The Earth Kingdom is full of Earthbenders. How do we know who!?" The Earth King replied angrily. The Earth King felt very stressed. When he was younger, he heard a lot of great stories about the Avatar. He has been anxious for years waiting for the next Avatar, since the last Avatar died.

Ranu cringed. "There should be no Avatar! I shall rule the Earth Kingdom. No, I shall rule the world!" he thought. Ranu was the highest general in the Earth Kingdom military. He had been for a few years, but one day he realized that being a general was nothing. He could rule the world some day. First, by killing the Avatar. The human who could bend all four elements. Second, by killing the Earth King and sending soldiers to every part of the Earth Kingdom. Third, he will go farther and send his military to all four nations. Ranu knew his plan would take years, but he never gave up.

The first step was to kill the Avatar.

No one was sure who the next Avatar was, but the next Avatar was supposed to be an Earthbender. Ranu pleaded in his head that the Avatar would show his ruthless face already.... so he could begin his evil plan to rule the world.

Author's Notes

I hoped you enjoyed my first chapter! Not much in this chapter.... I want to thank all of my editors and supporters of Legend of Mei Lien. You guys are the best :)

I hope I have few grammar mistakes!

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