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Before the war,world was full with amazing and beautiful creatures, Dragons... Now, they have extinct and there is only one hope left, this story tells about a brave and a bit selfish boy who comes from the Fire Nation. This story begins four years ago in a beautiful Sunday morning...

The story

Ember Island

It was a beautiful day at Ember Island,Jamal woke up and yawned. He expand his hands and looked out of the window smiling. "I can't believe it! This day has finally come!" He said in excitement and jumped out of the bed. "Sweetie, breakfast is ready!" Said Adena.

"Got it, Mom!" He said and ran down in the kitchen and sat down. She walked to him and put a plate on the table. "You seem very happy today, what plans do you have?" She asked.

"Well, me and Izo will go and search for Dragons!" He said happily.

"Dragons...?" She asked,"Sweetie there is no use to go on adventure wich will lead you to dead end."

"Mom, stop! I know what I'm doing!I have a good feeling about this!"

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "You say this almost eve...."

"That's the thing, almost!" He said and grinned, then he looked at the plate. "MMMM....Pancakes...." He said and began to eat.

Adena smiled, suddenly Izo rushed into the kitchen. "Alright, we're ready to roll, bro!"

Jamal nodded and stand up. "Thanks, mom, I'll eat them later..Bye!" He said and ran out of the house and got in the Satomobile with his brother. Izo turned on the car and began to drive. "This time we're going to a cave, it used to be the coal mines,but later were shut down," said Izo.

"Okay...what are we going to do in abandoned coal mines..?" Jamal asked confused.

"It's a possibility that there are some dragon bones...."Said Izo, Jamal nodded."Alright, let's do it then! "He said as they finally arrived, Jamal and Izo got out of the car. Izo took 2 flashlight out of the car and tossed one to Jamal. They began to walk towards the coal mine. "They look so old..." said Jamal. Izo rolled his eyes. "Then what did you expect bro? I told you they are abandoned..."

Jamal and Izo looked around carefully they walked deeper and deeper in the cave,suddenly Jamal stumbled on something like a bone. "Izo, I got something!" He said and took the bone, it was a humans hand, but Jamal didn't notice it.

"Ugh..Jamal, it's just a human hand..." said Izo.

"Oh, it's just a hu..." Then Jamal gasped. "I'M HOLDING A HUMANS HAND!!!!!!!"

"Relax, Bro!" said Izo.

Jamal tripped and fell backwards,he hit against the wall hardly. Suddenly the whole ballast that hold the entrance began to brake down. "Jamal...!" Said Izo and grabbed Jamal,he tried to get out but a massive rock sealed the exit.

Jamal gasped. "No...! You stupid rocks!" Jamal hit his fist against the rocks,suddenly more rocks fell onto Jamal, he groaned and tried to get out, "Hate all this..."

"We're lucky to have flashlights, with out them we would be doomed!" said Izo.

"We're doomed anyways...." said Jamal, Izo glared at him. "What? I'm just being realistic!"

"Aha..." said Izo and raised his eyebrow a bit. "C'mon, we gotta find a way out...!" Izo began to run around the mine and looked for exit, Jamal followed. "But how, it's not like we have some kind of navigation system!" Said Jamal.

"Then...make a plan, a map...anything!" Said Izo.

"You know I'm just fifteen,i can't do big stuff like plan making and other stuff!"

Izo groaned,sighed. "You're just lazy....but, whatever! We gotta get out!"

It's been many hours since they got trapped in the coal mine, it turned out to be useless.

Izo sighed and leaned his back against the wall. "We did our best,but we failed... Our flashlights will soon zip out and we will be totally doomed!"

Jamal was about to agree,but his hands turned into fist. "No, our parents will began to look for us, and we have to keep looking for another exit!"

Izo nodded and followed Jamal, suddenly they stumbled into an old room. Jamal and Izo looked around, there were many skeletons. Suddenly Jamal noticed something egg shaped, he walked to it and took it in his hands. "Izo...Look!" He said as showed it to Izo.

"Jamal... You did it! You found the dragon egg!" Izo said amazed.

"I did...?" Jamal took a good look at the egg. "I did it, yes!" He said happily,but the smile disappeared"How are we going to get out...?"

"We have to find a way..." Izo choses random direction and began to ran towards there. "Wait, Izo!" Jamal followed him.

Finally they saw a small light, Izo ran to the light,it was just a small crack in the wall. "Jamal, stand back a bit ,when I say go you have to run out as fast as you it?" Izo asked.

'"Got it," he said. Izo kicked the wall hardly and made it break. "Now!" Izo and Jamal safely gets out of the cave, they look at the sky and sigh in relief.

"Wow...That was close..." Said Jamal.

"I'll say," said Izo and breathed heavily.

Meanwhile a man watched them from behind: "Hmm.. So they found a dragon,huh...?" The man smirked. "Well, this egg soon shall be mine...!" He said and laughed maniacally. "Very soon..."

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