Beautiful and Deadly
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Long Feng's Castle

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Long Feng Disappears

Beautiful and Deadly is the third chapter of Long Feng.


Long Feng pretended to have servants, yet he did everything himself. Why was he all alone in this ghostly, ghastly castle?

Every night he visited Aang and talked about his famous ancestors. Most were warriors, brave and patriotic, but utterly ruthless to their enemies. "We have a right to be proud.", said Long Feng.

Long Feng wanted Aang to stay a month longer in the castle. "I will take no refusal.", stated Long Feng.

He told Aang to write to his employer, Iroh, to say that he was not coming home yet. Secretly, Aang wrote to his fiancee, Katara as well.

Long Feng warned Aang never to fall asleep in the castle, except in his own room. "There are bad dreams for those who sleep unwisely.", warned Long Feng.

Despite his fear, Aang was determined to explore. On a bright, moonlit night, he searched for a window from which he could see Long Feng's room.

What he saw was unbelievable: Long Feng crawling headfirst down the wall like some huge, loathsome mongoose dragon!

Forgetting Long Feng's warning, Aang fell asleep in an empty room. He woke to see three beautiful women.

They cast no shadows, but moved noiselessly in shimmering clouds of moonlight.

One woman glided towards Aang, smiling seductively...... but Long Feng stormed in, grabbed the woman by the throat and dragged her away. "How dare you touch him? This man belongs to me!", stated Long Feng.

He threw the women a sack, which wriggled as if there was a living creature inside it. "When I am done with him, you shall kiss him at your will.", said Long Feng.

The women snatched the sack and pawed at it greedily. Then they faded into a cloud of dust in front of Aang's astonished eyes, and drifted away.

Aang fainted with shock. He woke in his own bed. Long Feng must have put him there.

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