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Beast Boy is an mutated human and changeling that was transported to Altonia like the rest of his crew. He has the strange ability to change into any animal he wants, depending on the situation. He is also a Vegetarian like Aang.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

He first appears alongside Terra in the swamp when they came across Toph. He gave himself a good intro to her and asked her where they were, thinking she was a local in the land too. After asking to go, he morphed into a pterodactyl and he, Terra and Toph flew off to a better location.

When they do land after tired flying, Beast Boy was a bit impressed when Toph started Earth bending, pointing out Terra too can earth bend. He remains a bit quiet and out of the way until Toph and Terra decide to fight for the prize of best in the world. He tries to make drama before the fight but ended up being thrown out of the arena, and the fight started. He sat on the sidelines, nibbling his tofu he had until Jinouga walked in and nearly crushed him! After giving the message, it was Beast Boy who read it and announced how their allowed to fight in the Starlight Fighting Championship.

The days that fallowed he was still traveling through Altonia. He helped into making the training grounds for Toph and Terra, using his powers to form himself to a T-Rex to do so. He basically worked to the point of passing out. So Terra used her earth bending to move him aside so he can sleep until training was over.

S.F.C Arc

Beast Boy, though showing up, didn't say much during when Toph and Terra were volunteering for the fighting.

After getting in, Beast Boy asks Toph what it was like in her world, getting fascinated about the Hundred Year War they had to go through. He then begins to tell her about his world, though at first he had to correct himself for his world being more advanced then Tophs.

After Terra's fight, Beast Boy helped her with her feelings, saying that she was free to stay, giving her no reason to leave the team again.

Colossi Arc

Beast Boy left to fight his colossi after given directions by Xerneas. His first fight was with Quadratus, whom he had to take awhile to defeat before getting his chakra orb. His other fighter, given directions to by Marage, was Ostarius. The fight with him was more humorous to Beast Boy, since his enhanced powers got him his final form quickly, which is a Reptile Harpy, a type of rare and powerful dragon humanoid.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 1

BB appears here with his team when they were called in to a robbery.

Arc 3

Through most of the time in the story, Beast Boy didn't play any important role until he was subjected to the "Musical Trauma" test given by HoundDoom. He was implanted with suction cups which became headphones as he became more and more stressed and hurt. He kept trying to get them off but it was no use as the end of the test he hardly reacted as he was taken back.

Avatar: New Universe III

Beast Boy goes to the core with the others for the reward he had gotten. When it came to animal creation, he was the first to make his, of the animal called a Puff Bird.

When they do arrive to Kyouga, and was offered a sled for the ride down the hill, he simply declines and turns into a penguin to slide down the hill, having a lot of fun doing so. When they did settle down for the night, he asks up the question on Toube's whereabouts, getting a sob story as result of it. When everyone was asleep though, he was awaken by the moon light and saw the blossoming Star Lily. During this though, he saw someone and gives chase when it ran off. He was unable to catch up and soon simply decides to turn back.

When the gang finds the Groudon tribe and was taken to Risley, he was the one who asked about the Triforce. He was cut off by Ghost and Smile Dog for a second during this but regained himself.

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