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Fong Oto/Beast
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Water Tribes



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X-Men, S.H.I.E.L.D, The Avengers


A.I.M, Magneto, Pyro, Tong

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Mutants of Republic City

Beast is a mutant nonbender who has super-strength.


350 AG

Create Mutant Academy

After see many mutants were get hurt and hate by other benders and nonbenders, he and his friend, Omi Kokoro or in his other name as Professor X has an idea to create a place to teach and practice the mutant benders to use their powers in good way and make them accept by normal benders and nonbenders. After that, Omi had created a X-Mansion.

Meet Anko Giara

When they were traveled in the Fire Nation at Jang Hui village, they had meet a girl name Anko Giara who was very special firebender. When they investigate at her, they found that she had telepathy power like Omi and they ask her if she want to come with him to Republic City and she's accept their offer and she name herself as Phoenix Girl.

Meet Colossus

After meet Anko Giara in Fire Nation, they three travel to Earth Kingdom in Ba Sing Se and found mutant earthbender name Kinzoku Tamato. After talking with him, he's accept their offer to go with them to Republic City and he's name himself Colossus.

Found X-Men

After traveled around the world, he's return to Republic City with his followers and form the group known as X-Men and become new protectors of Republic City.

354 AG

Meet Wolverine

Four years after formed up the X-Men, he and the others had found a man name Korosu who is a mutant has act like a such of monster. Then, they contain him and took him to Mutant Academy. Later, he become more open to them and he's name himself Wolverine.


He is a brilliant scientist and look everything in the bright side. He's believed that everything also have answers and way to fix.



Because has a muscular body, he had the super-strength.


With his powerful legs, he can jump and run very fast.


As a scientist, he can use his intelligence as weapon to fix something he wanted.


  • He is the best scientist of the Water Tribes, both North and South.
  • Only people of Southern Water Tribe who not see him as a monster.
  • In Japanese, Oto is mean "sound".

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