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April 13, 2012

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Be a New is the eleventh chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


London, 14:30

(Still same day in the previous episode)

The cold snow, that they didn't recognize, make the Flying Bison get an influenza while they entered the avenue. The wind starts to caressing beneath the urban city, follow the wave. The mysterious shadow suddenly stopped at the Central Park, below a tree.

"Who's that? She is beautiful at all." Fansha said lit up.

"Shut up!" Phoa yelled jealously. "You shouldn't get confessed to like her in front of me!" Phoa said, then looking at Joy. "What?! I... Alright. Let's go to her."

"She's jealous." Joy whispered slowly.

"Yeah, I see." Fansha said.

After arrived at the snowy park, they ran rush to the mysterious girl.

"Dear, my sweetie..." Fansha teased.

"Shut up! Owh, dear little girl, who're you?" Phoa asked.

"I- ummm... Let's talk up there." the girl said, pointing at the cafe above the park.

"Okay. Wait, let's use my air!" Fansha lured.

"Don't do that here. I'll explain there. Hurry! Just run without any bending." she muttered.

Fléur Cafe, 14:45

"So, how old are you, beautiful girl?" Fansha seduced, hold at Phoa's head before she get mad.

"I'm Analéy. The great-granddaughter of Analay the shadowbender. You know it, ya?" Analéy asked.

"No. Who's Analaye?" Joy wondered.

"Not Analaye but Analay. She met Avatar Aang hundred years ago. She's shadowbender."

"So, you kidnapped the Monks and Sisters?!" Joy suddenly yelled at her. Suddenly, the visitors turned to him, didn't recognize their language.

"Shut up. Argh... Please be quiet! You're in London, England, in marggles world. It's far far away, not in our realm. The true is my twins, Tremolo. He's almost thirteen years old and mastered shadowbender." Analéy explained.

"What is marggles? Is that some foods?" Fansha asked.

"No. It's another peeps from another world. Like you, but couldn't bend. Let's go to my laboratory, far away from here. Just wait a second." Analéy ordered. Then, she pick a pendant, and then they suddenly moved to Analéy's lab.

Analéy's Secret Laboratory, 15:01

The snow starts to begun a storm. The under zero temperature make the Foreigner freeze. The electrons beneath the laboratory start to burning the cold moist lab.

"Here we are, Phoa." Analéy welcomed them.

"What is this?" Joy mumbled.

"This is my lab, Joy. Sorry if the untidy welcome. But by the way, this is the 'welcome gate'. The true lab is under there." Analéy said. "Let's go!"

"Where?!" Fansha wishpered.

Suddenly, the little girl pull a stick, make the floor moved, fall down through the upper lab. After arrived at the secret Lab, Analéy explained all about the problem.

"So, let's start. First, you're in marggles' world, place that all of non-bender and the 'human' had lived. You should learn their base language, English. And then, you must wear these clothes so you can't be recognized as 'crazy people'." Analéy cleared, then moves to her super-computer.

"What's that?" Joy asked curiously. "I think we must learn English."

"Sure." Phoa claimed. "Let's start! But.... What's our mission?"

"Find Ratih, of course." Joy rushed said.

"Phoa, we must find Ratih faster, so Joy can prepare their wedding." Fansha joked.

"Hey, shut up! What's the weakness of your brother?" Joy wondered.

"Crystal Orb. We must find it on India, as internet said." Analéy explained.

"What's internet? What's India?" Fansha asked, then rush to the poisonous rabbit experiment.

"Don't touch that!" Analéy prohibited him. "It's very dangerous!"

"Sorry. So, let's start the training. English training." Fansha said.

"C'me on. Follow me!" Analéy invited the Flying Bison.

London Public Library, 15:30

The Flying Bison pick up their jackets, and then they go to the public library. The humorless librarian, Mrs. Renata confront them while the benders enter the room.

"Hi, there. Who're you?" Mrs. Renata interrogated.

"I'm Analéy, you know. These are my friends: Granger, Potter, and Weasley. They are from Greenwich and take a vacation here." Analéy easily responded.

"For new reader, I should tell you the rules: First, don't make any noise. That's disturb me. Second, don't bring any food, drink, and hand phone. Third, don't sleep and place your jacket here, and your shoes there. So, the library is tidy and clean. Fourth, don't go to the toilet if you don't need it. Fifth, don't fart and sneeze, that mess the book. Sixth, make sure that your hands are free-bacteria before you touch the books. Seventh, don't breathe out of loud or you should go there." Mrs. Renata said, then pointing at Goofy Goober café. Then, she continues, "Eighth, don't whispering in front of me! Ninth, don't blame me. And LAST, don't call me Mrs. because I'm single!"

"What's she talking about?" Joy muttered.

"Hey, you violate my rule! Go out from here!" Mrs. Renata said and then kick out Joy from the library.

"Miss, please don't...." Analéy said.

"All of you go from here!" Mrs. Renata yelled, and then thrown them all to the thick snow layers.

"Strange woman, huh?!" Fansha angered.

"Let's go to British Library. The librarian is better." Analéy urged them.

British Library, 16:00

It was almost halfway to the library. The snow cover up all of the road, and the music of opera audible, echoing onto the avenue to avenue, beneath the shadow of clouds. The urban city fall down, along with the set of sun in the afternoon.

"Brrrrrr.... Ana, why you could stand at here? This is... Brrr...." Joy said, then tighten his clothes.

"Don't worry. One week here can make you can take it." Analéy promised.

"Please, let's go to India. I can't stand with snow. Snow, you're my enemy!" Fansha whined.

"C'me on, for Ratih. Just for her." Phoa desired Joy. "Remember your love, dude." Phoa nudging her friend.

Arrived at the library, Analéy switch up her magical pendant, and they suddenly are in the gemstone section.

"Mine, Rock, Gem, Rock, Mine, yep! This is it, Magic of Crystal Orb." Analéy said. "Page tree hundred twenty two, chapter seven. Long ago, in the Dragon's Lair three magical crystal placed. First, the crystal of life. It protect dragons and witches for the eternal life. The second, crystal of wisdom. The most tiny orb but has a big impact to them. The last, crystal of power. The most sought orb and the most dangerous. If the orb placed in wrong hand, it could destroy the world...." Analéy read the book, then sighed. "...and it never be founded for hundreds years."

"What? You said it is in India!" Joy confronted her.

"Wait. ...But one day, an adventurer founds the Dragon's Lair, and steal dragon's eggs. The most possibly happen is the dragon's eggs are the crystal orb." Analéy said.

"This book is stink. Why there is still a question? Why possible? Why not the significant fact? Analéy, let's go to the Dragon's Lair." Joy invoked her.

"Let's go! But... Wait. What we shall do?" Fansha wondered.

"Discovered the egg, of course." Phoa ensured.

"Sorry, but we're in wrong section. We're in fictional story, dude. Sorry!" Analéy apologized.

"The true crystal orbs are in India, child." Suddenly Mrs. Regina, the librarian joined them. "You are me. That's the clue where the orbs are. Nobody could find it until now, my dear. Be the first, before...." Mrs. Regina suddenly stopped.

"Before what, ma'am?" Analéy asked.

"Before anybody found it. Hahaha.... Go fast!" Mrs. Regina spirited them. "And.. Avatar, be careful before Tremolo found you."

"What?!" Phoa wondered. "Why she could knew me?"

The gang denied it, ran start their tour. Wait the next chapter, World Tour Part 1!

Author's Note

The Avatar is on the tour! She will get an unbelievable experience in Marggles World, (waterbending, cool culture, the weathers) with her friends in the World Tour Series! Wait the next chapter!

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