By Gingalover Part of the Era After Gods continuity.
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226 AG

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Mejiro, Zuzu

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Mejiro's animal companion

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Ep.1: Dawn of a Tale

Baxter (バクスター) is a friendly, shaggy, and loyal Horse Dog that lives alongside Mejiro and his friends. Baxter was born on the streets of the Earth Kingdom and had roamed around by himself until he came across the young Mejiro, who soon adopted him as his pet.


Baxter behaves similar to that of a usual pet dog, acting friendly and loyal towards his master. Despite his loyalty, he does have a tendency to do what he pleases when alone by himself, but doesn't do anything rebellious personally. Being an animal, Baxter has mixed feelings on spirits, depending on which one they come across. The usual reaction when confronting spirits would be curiosity, but he would sense if a spirit is evil or good, either reacting in defense or cheerful behavior.

Baxter will stubbornly fight off anyone who threatens him with either his hooves or his teeth, and it'll take a long while before Baxter will stop. Only main way Baxter will stop on his own power is that either the enemy gives up or he gets bored with the fight. Baxter is usually the first of the group to notice anything wrong or out of place, alongside Batu, and will often try to get the other's attention before acting upon anything himself, like a dog would.


  • Baxter's design is based off Donkey from the Shrek franchise, Baxter being a donkey variant of the Horse Dog breed.

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