By Gingalover Part of the Era After Gods continuity.
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211 AG

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Mejiro,Fukuro, Akira, Okui

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Batu (バトゥ) is a quiet, distant orphan who roams around the Earth Kingdom. Despite that, it's unsure what nationality he belongs to.


Batu is very distant when it comes to social situations, often remaining completely silent during a group conversation. Even if spoken to directly, he wouldn't speak all that much aside physical answers (nods, expressions, etc.). One odd behavior he has developed is the tendency to literally bite others when they're doing something wrong. The worse the bite, the more he wants the person to stop. It is impossible to truly understand Batu, due to the lack of conversation. He only speaks if it's extremely important to whomever it was. When it comes to secrets, he is the best at keeping quiet about them and will not break, no matter what situation he's in.

He is an expert listener and observer, often the first to figure out situations. However, since he is often so quiet, he's the only one that often knows.


Bite force

Batu has a stronger bite force than most people do and will often use this bite force on others in order to stop them from making bad decisions, the force strong enough to break bone. This method is often his 'voice of reason'.


Batu's sense of hearing and eyesight are heightened, which is the reason he's able to listen in on conversation so well. He can hear and remember conversations down to a tee.


  • He seems to have apiphobia (fear of bees).

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