By Rockjaw Grang Part of the The Phoenix Estates continuity.
Battle over the North


Battle for the Seedy Pier


Rescue on Phoenix Estates airship


The Phoenix Battles


Mid fall


Northern Water Tribe


Phoenix Estates flee Water Tribe bombed


Kumaro, Aditi, Kavi, Hari, Haruka, Wei

Mainyu, Savas, Yudo, Phoenix Estates


Kavi, Kumaro, Aditi, Wei, Hari, Haruka


Forces involved

one glider, two firebenders, one airbender, one earthbender, one waterbender, one warrior.

one airship, around 50 soldiers, 10 gliders, 5 war balloons


Kumaro captured

seven soldiers either dead or captured



Mainyu knew that the Water Sapphire was a device that could mean the end of the war in Water Tribe victory. He decided to secure it so the Waterbenders would not have it. He then took a crew with him in his airship to the Northern Water Tribe retrieve the gem.

Launch the Gliders

While traveling over the tundras to the side of the Northern Water Tribe, to avoid detection, Mainyu prepared an elite force of five non-benders to go down into the spirit oasis, dive into the pool of spirit water, and take the gem. Kavi, however was waiting for them, and fought off the one who was successful. Kumaro later arrived and helped Kavi face the other four non-benders. When a war balloon went down to pick up the non-benders and the Water Sapphire, Wei and Kumaro's other friends arrived to prevent them from leaving the ground.

Bomb the city

Mainyu saw the balloons grounded, and became angry at the fact that his plan failed. He then ordered Savas and Yudo to bomb the city. When Kumaro saw this, he used his glider to fly into the airship in hopes of taking over it, so he could move it over the tundra. When he reached the bridge, however, he saw his brother, and could not fight him. Savas and Yudo then took Kumaro to the prison hold.


Since Kumaro was captured, his friends, Wei, Aditi, Hari, and Haruka went to rescue Kumaro in the next battle. After that, the group had to repair damage done by the Phoenix Estates.

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