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Battle of the Ursa Plains


Fire Nation Civil War


  • Decisive Hellenic/Fire Nation victory


  • Hellenic Army
  • Fire Nation
  • Blue Flame


Forces involved

  • Hellenes
  • 112 Waterbenders
  • 60 Airbenders
  • 66 Earthbenders
  • Fire Nation
  • 30 Tundra Tanks
  • Blue Flame
  • 135 Soldiers
  • 60 Tundra Tanks
  • 17 Catapults
  • Hellenes
  • 10 Waterbenders
  • 70 Firebenders


  • 30 Waterbenders
  • 10 Airbenders
  • 6 Tundra Tanks
  • 40 Tundra Tanks
  • 70 Soldiers
  • 17 Catapults
  • 80 Hellenes



During the siege of Fort Zuko, Malus Ignus was killed in battle. Previously, at the Battle for Fire Fountain Village, War Minister Qing was killed in a raid. Azula's catastrophic defeat at the Fire Capital led to the destruction of most of her fleet. The remainder of her fleet was at the Boiling Rock, protecting Azula.

This left the northern forces leaderless and in disarray. Philip Hellene and Zuko wanted to end the northern front as quickly as possible.


Hellenic Earthbender soldiers bombarded the Blue Flame's position. Their primary targets were the catapult positions. Fire Lord Zuko led his tanks in engaging the Blue Flame's infantry divisions, while Nikkolas led the waterbenders in a surprise attack on the Blue Flame tanks. Philip and the Hellenic Airbenders engaged the Hellenic traitors.

Zuko's blitzkrieg succeeded in scattering the Blue Flame's Firebenders, who adopted a regiment formation. The enemy fire bounced harmlessly off the tanks, save for a few tanks that were struck with lightning. The enemy benders were routed, but still outnumbered the tanks. Each of Zuko's tanks had to fight 4 or 5 soldiers. The Blue Flame attempted to hold off the attack until their tanks could arrive.

However, that would not happen. Nikkolas' surprise attack on the Tundra Tanks prevented re-enforcements. Nikkolas, himself, was able to freeze apart 5 tanks and using all his power, he managed to convert the metal of a tank into water. This drained Nikkolas for the time being, and he needed to back down. Eventually, his forces managed to destroy 40 tanks, but were taking great casualties in the process. Nikkolas, having recovered, used his bloodbending to incapacitate the crew of 10 remaining tanks.

Philip led his airbenders against the Hellenic traitors. Propelling themselves with air, they quickly closed the distance and exchanged blows with the defenders. Philip diffused many fire blasts and evaporated streams of water. He used airbending to redirect earthen projectiles. He converted streams of air into fire, water and finally showers of small pieces of earth, simulating bullets. Declared traitors, the Azula sympathising Hellenes were not spared, even after surrendering.

Seeing the Hellenic traitors dead, and being unable to regroup, the Blue Flame surrendered.


The battle ended in a decisive victory for the Fire Nation and the Hellenes. It ended the Blue Flame's northern campaign and utterly obliterated Azula's sympathisers in the Hellenic Army.

At this point, the Fire Nation had won the Civil War, it was simply a matter of finishing it.

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