Battle of the Runkenk
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Huzax, Ruler of Demons

Battle of the Runkenk

Duel for the record books

Ruen attacked Jude while Hurek attacked Tuy. Hurek created another shadow claw while Tuy created a shield. The claw burst straight through it and scarred Tuy. Tuy tried to hit him with his club but Ruen kicked him in the chest. Jude quickly used a jet of dark air to hit Hurek against the wall. Tuy looked up at the night sky while he was lying on the ground. Suddenly everything went black and Tuy stood up. His amulet started to glow and he started to change. His clothes turned red and he grew taller. He spoke in a strangely magnified voice that resounded around the room.

"Finally my quest is complete. I have overcome my master and have become the most powerful being on Earth. I have Become Huzax,ruler of Demons!" He then turned back to normal and collapsed into a ball. Jude scowled and slung Tuy onto her back. Ruen shot at her but she blocked it with a blast of air. Hurek threw his shadow claws at her but they dissipated against her shield.

She pronounced"We will be back and next time you will die."

Battle in the courtyard

Dorn was crushing people left and right with little effort. Yuzan and Yusha were fighting back to back with whips. But it wasn't helping, Shadow Shells were everywhere and the Runkenk was preventing them from escaping. Yuzan was tiring and already had a lot of shallow gashes. Yusha spun around and tried to block her flank, but a shadow shell hit her to the ground. Suddenly she was surrounded and about to be dealt a death blow when out of nowhere someone stabbed one and the rest disintegrated. She jumped and looked at who had saved her. It was....the person in her nightmare that had fought Tuy with Ruen. She got ready to fight him but he just turned away and started to fight the shadow shells. She was about to attack him but something stopped her. She turned and just barely was able to dodge a stomping foot from the beast that was called the "Runkenk". She attacked it with ice spikes but they bounced right off.

Ruen was taking down multiple shells with each shot. Dorn was kicked by the Runkenk and somersaulted into the wall while Yuzan was brought o the ground. They jumped up and got back to back. Dorn brought up a huge wall of rock which Yuzan light on fire. They launched it at a the Runkenk and it crashed against the wall. It roared and went into a fit of rage and charged straight at Yuzan.

Meeting of the fallen

I stared into the pit of fire and gulped. After Tuy failed to receive their master, he had nearly collapsed. She remembered that dark look that had been in Ruen's eyes. Those eyes that she had used to see all the time. Those eyes seemed to pierce straight into her soul and see what she was thinking. Not that that was unusual what with her master being an all powerful demon and what not. She prepared for the meeting taking deep breaths to calm herself.

"Why have you failed Jude? Why have you held back? Why?"

She tried to protect her mind but she knew it was futile." Oh you are trying to hold on to the fragments of your friendships. Well,those friendships are GONE. You are one of my most respected lieutenants. You cannot have feelings. YOU CANNOT. Tuy is not yet ready to host me. This is not good. It means we will have to use a second tactic. Prepare to overthrow that pitiful shadow bender that you serve under. Pu tTuy in Control. Then we will begin phase two.HAHAHAHAHA


Tuy growled as his defeat played in his mind again. He had let that assassin and Ruen beat him. Even with Jude's help they were defeated. And now his master wanted him to kill his other master. He sighed and went to find Jude.

"Listen, I need to talk to you."He said when he found her

"What is it? Scared that an old man is going to beat you?"

"No he will die but, don't you miss the old days when we were in the group? We never had to do anything,but now we are killing all the people we had those great times with. And I miss.... I miss Yusha."

"What!? They never helped you do anything! All they did was exclude you. As we speak I bet Ruen is cursing your name, and has already replaced you with that assassin. And Yusha...well that's over.. maybe you could, I dunno try something else." He immediately got pissed of and shoved her into the wall. "Stay...Away.....From....ME!" He ground out and then stalked off. "How could she have the nerve to do that?" he thought. He was seriously doubting his strength to run out into the courtyard and help Yusha, and everyone else. He walked into the room where the old shadow sat. "Sir, I come with a message," he said. "And what is that?" The old man replied in a gravely old voice. Well, it went something like.....DIE!" Tuy forced himself to end the man's life. He turned his back to the corpse and shed a signal tear.

Battle in the courtyard cont.

Ruen ran towards Yuzan and pushed her out of the way of the charging beast. Dorn sidestepped and smashed his club into the Runkenk's toe. It roared and thrashed around while Ruen climbed up it. He was nearly flung off but managed to hlod on. When he got to the top he found an orb that seemed to be genarating shadow shells. He tried to grab it but was flung towards the head of the great beast. He used his knife to hold on and seriously injured it. He finally reached the orb after a few minutes of struggle and gabbed it. He prepared to chuck it but was stopped when he heard"I wouldn't do that." Jude stood bhind him apparently appearing out of nowhere. He growled and threw the orb. Jude used Airbending to keep it from hitting the ground." Hmm. You know Tuy seems to think that you would forgive him. Would you?" She noticed Ruen cringe before throwing his knife at her. She dodged and forced him to the ground with a blast of air bending. She prepared to shoot a bolt of shadow at him but was suddenly knocked out of the way. Ruen turned and gasped. Yuzan was floating on a pillar of air. She used her power to take the orb away from Jude. She brought it down on the Rinkenk's back and shattered it. "Jude gasped and ran. Ruen looked down and saw that darkness was covering the Runkenk. He quickly slid down it's leg while Yuzan floated to the ground and collapsed. Yusha grabbed her and ran towards cover. Dorn looked around in amazement as shadow shells started to disappear. The Runkenk collapsed and was still. The group looked at each other in amazement. They had won! Ruen walked over and introduced everyone to the assassin."This is Hurek. He will be joining us for our little adventure."

"Yusha cried out" But I thought that you were a traitor...In my vision I saw you and Hurek fighting Tuy." That did happen but I am not a traitor. I really hate to be the person to tell you this what with your past with him and everything, but Tuy....Tuy is the one that is a traitor.

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