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"There you are, you rebel scums! Let's burn them down!"
— General Shun
Battle of the Rebellion Bunker
[[File:Sinking library|250px|Battle of the Rebellion Bunker]]


Earth Kingdom Declaration of Rebellion



Sozin's War


Summer, 100 AG


Underground Rebellion Bunker, Earth Kingdom


  • Rebellion victory


Earth Kingdom Rebellion

Fire Nation Army


Forces involved

  • Firebenders


  • At least two rebels
  • Several soldiers injured
  • A few soldiers killed


The Battle of the Rebellion Bunker was a sneak attack on the Earth Kingdom Rebellion by the Fire Nation Army. Most of the time, rebellion leaders Sazuki Yuro and Mogra along with heads Takeshi Sagara and Sakire Yuna rallied rebels to escape from the burned and collapsing bunker. General Shun and his men deceitfully burned it down all through, and killed a few rebels. Casualties were heavy for to the Fire Nation, but losses on the Rebellion side were still at a number.


"Those Rebellions had been screwing with us for too long. We had to strike them at their hearts."
— Excerpt from General Shun's journal

The rebellion had found and fixed a vast underground bunker to make it easier to attack the Dai Li and the Fire Nation without getting discovered. This bunker was extremely vast with stone pillars and stares.

The night before the battle, the Rebels had mapped out a sneak attack on a Fire Nation base above. They prepared themselves with sandbombs and of course their benders, and went to sleep. But the Fire Nation found out, and broke into the bunker.

The Battle

Shun's team enters

Opening sanctuary door

The soldiers enter the bunker.

General Shun and several Fire Soldiers found a secret entrance to the secret bunker through a channel of underground stone catacombs. Inside, two soldiers killed two Rebels guarding the entrance in their backs. Shun and his soldiers pressed on, and entering a center hallway with several rebels sleeping (now woken up but pinned by soldiers), Shun blasted a giant wave of fire at the roof. It fell, and giant boulders fell down, waking up the entire bunker. The rebels there rolled out of the way, some injured by debris.


Sazuki after defeating a few soldiers.

Sazuki Yuro, in a hall with Mogra and Takeshi Sagara, along with others, heard the noise, and informed Takeshi to evacuate the others. As he and Mogra are about to evacuate everyone, Fire Soldiers stopped them in their tracks. The two eyed each other, and Mogra bonked two soldiers heads together and Takeshi grabbed the hands of them and burned them, and pushing them into each other and slamming them onto a wall. With the soldiers dispatched, they stormed off into the east wing.

Rebellion chase

Sazuki gathered the rebels and stormed out into the west wing, gathering more rebels who were asleep. Heading down Hallway W3, Fire Soldiers attacked them, but Sazuki and a fellow rebel Earthbended a large trimmer that dispatched the soldiers, and they skid forward.

Takeshi and Mogra evacuated into the center hall, where a pack of rebels were being held down by a pack of Fire soldiers. Takeshi moved to attack the soldiers, but Mogra pulled him back. He then walked over to a pillar, and shouldered it. It rumbled and tipped over and onto the soldiers, weapons scattering broken on the ground. Takeshi made an odd and shocked face, and Mogra told him "See? Safer than playing with fire." They then helped them up, and Takeshi carried a young one over his shoulder. The two jogged down father east.

Inside Wan Shi Tong's Library

The Rebels run down the halls.

Sazuki and the others ran down further west down a hallway. Sazuki turned around and popped his head into a bunk, where Sakire Yuna had her back turned going through some ancient Sandbending scrolls, Fire Nation soldiers hovered behind her. He turned his head and shouted for Kamaya to take the group down further into the west until they reached the exit tunnel. He then dashed into the room, shouting "Saki-" before he paused and saw that the shoulders were stuck in several large mounds of sand on the ground and on the walls. Sakire was standing, feet in one small mound, asking him "What's up, bossman?" Sazuki giggled and blushed a tad, and marveled at how amazing that was in his head. He then gestured her to go and the two ran out and into the hall to save more rebels.

"If we make it out of here alive, we're we all gonna go?"
"Dunno. Ember Island? Hear it's good for fresh starts.
— Sazuki and Yuro in Fanon:Rebellion: Final Hope.

Takeshi and Mogra had the rebels evacuate through a tunnel system they opened up. After the rebels escaped through it, Mogra told Takeshi to go right and help more rebels as he went left and fight off soldiers. They then departed ways, Mogra immediately jumping onto a staircase and sliding down onto a pillar, where he spun around and kicked soldiers to the ground, before sliding down a fallen pillar. While in his heroic feet, he encountered a passing by Sazuki and Sakire. They greeted each other, and Sazuki asked about where they'd go after all of this. Mogra jokingly suggested Ember Island for it's "fresh start" feel, and then they departed as he dropped down into a plaza.

Sakire and Sazuki ran off down into a bridge where rebels were hiding, taking them with them down the hallway. Takushi in the meanwhile evacuated more Rebels with him, darting down the hallways as well. The two groups caught up with each other in the plaza Mogra was in, who had defeated the soldiers who had come in, and they all headed out to the escape tunnel.

Rebels escape

With all the rebels gathered safely, they all stormed out to the escape tunnel. Shun began to burn down the fortress, breaking down pillars and the very fabrication of the entire structure. The rebels were in a large amount of danger, Most of them survived as they were ready to enter the tunnel, though some died at the wake of the fallen ruble. Though finally, the rebels escaped, and Shun and his men left, fulfilled.


"So....where from here?"
— Takeshi to the rebel leaders.
Lake Laogai tunnel entrance

Sazuki and Mogra look down to Lake Laogai.

Without a headquarters, the rebels rallied in the rock-filled, partly destroyed canon on the outskirts around their former bunker. As the rebels rested from a long and dangerous attack on their own core, Takeshi, Sakire, Sazuki, and Mogra all pondered where to go. No suggestions were given, until Mogra remembered a large and vast underground location he saw while finding the former bunker. Sazuki, Mogra, and Takeshi went to the location, leaving Sakire to watch over the rebels.

Once there, Sazuki and Mogra looked down at the destroyed entrance, wet and battered. Sazuki stated that it could still hold them, and that the place itself was fine. After returning, they all headed to their new location: the former headquarters of the Dai Li, Lake Laogai. The place itself was in fine shape, and they all set up back to normal ways.

The battle carried few casualties, though even the few amount disturbed and upset the rebels. Sazuki felt this lost as his first real failure as a leader.

Background Information

  • The battle was the second battle in the project of the Rebellion conceived, the first being the climactic Battle of Ba Sing Se.

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