Team Avatar fanart By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Battle of the Agrarian Zone
Kyoshi in the Avatar State


Battle of Omashu


Guardian's War


101 AG


Agrarian Zone of Ba Sing Se


Fall of the Dai Li Solidification of the Earth Kingdom Government under Earth King Kuei


Team Avatar

Dai Li


Avatar Aang

Long Feng

Forces involved

Team Avatar, Avatar Kyoshi

Dai Li agents



Many agents captured, Long Feng captured


The Battle of the Agrarian Zone of Ba Sing Se was a battle in the Guardian's War. It was the last time the Dai Li fought together, as well as the final defeat of the Dai Li.

Avatar Kyoshi was a prominent fighter in this battle, as she manifested herself through the current Avatar, Aang.


After the Peasant Uprising in Ba Sing Se, Avatar Kyoshi created the Dai Li so that they many preserve the cultural heritage of Ba Sing Se, as well as the whole Earth Kingdom. As the centuries past, the Dai Li grew more and more corrupt, eventually culminating in their full betrayal and eventual defection to the Fire Nation.

After Azula banished them and her defeat at the hands of Zuko and Katara, the Dai Li left the Fire Nation to return to the command of Long Feng.

Long Feng eventually realized without the Dai Li, he had no real power, so he took them back despite their betrayal. Together, they sought revenge on the kids that took them out of power. After their failed ambush on the Fire Lord, they retreated to the Earth Kingdom. The group decided that to regain their former power, they needed to find the Earth King, who was still missing after the fall of Ba Sing Se. The group raided many villages looking for leads, many of which Team Avatar found in one way or another. After they failed to take Omashu, the group retreated, instead following Team Avatar in hopes of stealing the Earth King from the team's possession.

When Team Avatar finally manages to locate Kuei, he is taken away too quickly for the Dai Li to take possession of him. Kuei is returned to Ba Sing Se and placed into power once again. Long Feng sees this as a perfect time to take back his city, as Kuei's new ruling style had not yet been seen. He saw this as the perfect time to regain his power.

Early Stages

"It's good to be back..." - Long Feng to himself after entering Ba Sing Se again.

Long Feng's agents climb up the walls of Ba Sing Se. They defeat the guards on the top of the walls. After the agents defeat the soldiers stationed on the top of the wall, a signal is sent to the agents at the bottom. They create a large hole in the wall, and Long Feng enters the city for the first time in little over a year.

The Dai Li agents pass quickly into the Agrarian Zone, also defeating the soldiers stationed to defend the area. The agents approach the Inner Wall, but the soldiers begin sending rocks down from the top of the wall. While the agents brush the rocks aside and remove the soldiers from the top of the wall, the Avatar and his allies arrive.

The Intervention of Team Avatar

Aang stops the agent's burrowing through the Inner Wall, he joins Zuko and the two free the Inner Wall from the Dai Li's control. The two then join the battle below. Long Feng sees Appa again, who has knocked out a few agents. Long Feng attempts to battle the beast, but Appa is just too large. Long Feng then resorts to using Shirshu-spit darts, which knock Appa out.

Toph battles against Long Feng and other agents, dueling them on more than even footing. She defeats them all, eventually knocking Long Feng unconscious.

Katara and Sokka are struggling to defeat the number of agents, and eventually Katara runs out of water. She runs to find more, and Aang quickly retrieves it for her. He flies back into the battle, and sees Appa unconscious. He pulls the darts and flies into the fray, taking out many agents. Aang eventually lands in the middle of battle, and Avatar Kyoshi manifests herself.

Kyoshi's fury

"You have corrupted my good intentions. I will put an end to this, permanently ." - Avatar Kyoshi to Dai Li agents

Kyoshi manifests herself through Aang, and begins attacking the agents with powerful blasts of the elements. She uses fire rings, earth bullets, as well as powerful air jets to knock back the agents. Eventually, when Long Feng wakes up from his batle with Toph, Kyoshi begins focusing her attacks on him. Long Feng manages to gain some distance between himself and the Avatar, and raises himself up on an earth pillar. He begins using the pillar as projectiles, but Kyoshi creates an earth wall, behind which she is generating lightning.

Their battle continues, during which Long Feng is pinned to the ground with his hands and feet frozen to the ground. At this time, Aang regains control of himself while Toph arrives with metal. Toph wraps Long Feng and a few other agents in metal, and Katara and Aang freeze the rest in ice from the nearby lake.


After this battle, the Dai Li were removed as a threat to both the Earth King and the Earth Kingdom as a whole.

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