Team Avatar fanart By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Battle of Zhangzi Village
Toph and Sokka prepare to fight


Battle at Shu Jing Village


Ambush in the Forest


Guardian's War


101 AG


Zhangzi Village


  • Many Firebenders killed
  • Karno's death


Team Avatar, Zhentu, Zhangzi Village civilians

Karno, Firefighters


Avatar Aang


Forces involved

Team Avatar, Zhentu, Zhangzi civilians



Zhangzi Firebenders



The Battle of Zhangzi Village was a battle in the Guardian's War.


The Firefighters have been island hopping throughout the Fire Nation, taking over towns as they went. One of these towns was Zhangzi Village, a small, mostly neutral island that had little more than 200 residents. The Firefighters led a large invasion force led by Mitros himself and began slaughtering the residents of the village. Many were killed before they had a chance to defend themselves, and many were imprisoned to be executed for crimes against the Water Tribes and Earth Kingdom. Zhentu managed to escape, and he felt shame due to his quick retreat. He managed to find Team Avatar in a nearby town, and convinced them to help him reclaim his village.


Team Avatar arrived and began searching for local Firebenders to assist them in taking back the village. After recruiting a few who were captured by the Firefighters, they are discovered and attacked by many Waterbenders. Zuko whispers a plan to Toph, who pushes Firefighters out the hole in the wall, and the rest of the team follows. They run to an open area, where Karno confronts Zuko, Toph, and Sokka. After trying to attack him in vain, Sokka retreats to help Aang, Katara, and Zhentu, who are fighting against the rest of the Firefighters in a massive brawl.

After hearing news that Zuko and Toph are having a hard time fighting Karno, Aang enters the battle to help. He arrives and the three eventually overwhelm Karno and Toph traps him in earth. Zhentu, having finished fighting the Firefighters, arrives in time to hear Karno say that he killed Zhentu's parents, only to have Zhentu kill him, point blank.


After the battle, Mitros is shown to be very angry, and decides to sent some of his best benders to attack the team. Zhentu is also shown to be incredibly depressed after hearing the news of his parents' death. This leads him to make poor decision.


  • The one-sided battle was inspired by the battle between Optimus Prime against 3 Decepticons in Transformers 2
  • Zhentu striking down Karno was influenced by Nero attacking his father in the Black Lotus Trials.

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