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The Yu Dao Straits separate Yu Dao from the rest of the United Republic of Nations. It is a vital path to cross if one wishes to attack Fort Sokka and maintain the element of surprise.


At the same time as the Battle of Beifong Pass, the Earth Empire planned to use their base in Yu Dao to move through the Yu Dao Straits and capture Fort Sokka, thus giving them easy access to Republic City and cutting off any route of retreat for the defenders. Admiral Nikkolas, having cracked their encrypted communications, knew in advance of the attack. He stationed the combined fleet in the straits and bombarded the Earth Empire's positions.


The Earth Empire's Navy decided to engage the Hellenic and United Navies in combat, sending 24 battleships, as opposed to the allies' 8. However, the allies had more smaller vessels. The Earth Empire also used airships and biplanes. The Coalition started the fight. Sending their gunboats first, they sank a few battleships and damaged others with their torpedoes. Through their speed and small size, they were able to avoid many attacks and biplane bombs.

Next, United Forces biplanes dropped their payloads on the battleships, damaging a few and sinking one in a massive fireball. Firebenders inside the biplanes opened fire on the enemy biplanes, some of which retaliated with shards of metal. Neither side was able to inflict more than one casualty. Many biplanes, however, were destroyed by battleship defences on both sides.

At the same time as the battleships engaged each other, submarines struck the Earth Empire ships, but their explosive torpedoes could not penetrate the reinforced hulls of Earth Empire ships. Battleships and destroyers also fired upon the airships, destroying the rudders on one and utterly destroying another.


Although a great victory for the Coalition, Philip Hellene saw it as a reason to improve air force technology and standards. He also wished to find a way to defeat airships.

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