Team Avatar fanart By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Battle of Xian Village
Flooded Gaipan


Ambush in the Forest


Ambush of the South


Guardian's War


101 AG


Xian Village


Fall of the last major city in the Fire Nation held by the Firefighters


Team Avatar

Mitros, Katas, Firefighters


Avatar Aang

Mitros, Katas

Forces involved

Team Avatar






Battle of Xian Village was a battle in the Guardian's War.


After a series of failed ambushes on Team Avatar, Mitros is injured. He retreats along with Katas to the nearby village which they had conquered. Mitros is healed and they began plotting their next mission.

Team Avatar Arrives

After running out of food, Team Avatar decides to go to the nearest town to find food. After some map reading, Sokka decided that Xian is the closest town to their current location. They stumble into the village, noticing that it is noticeably empty. At that moment, they are ambushed by many Fire Fighters while Mitros and Katas are alerted.

Katas is first to engage Team Avatar, declaring his intention to remove Team Avatar from the town. He is interrupted by Toph, who knocks him out of the way. Katas is overwhelmed by the entire Team Avatar attacking him at once, so he grabs Sokka and throws him onto the ground. Mitros soon arrives, and uses his water blades to begin slashing at Aang. Aang attacks him, and he is too distracted to block Zuko's fire blast, so he is forced to jump to the ground.

Katas is hard pressed against Katara and Toph, who are overwhelming him. Katas attacks Katara and eventually knocks her over, but cannot defeat Toph. Toph uses rock armor to deflect Katas' attacks and eventually pin him to the wall of a house.

Mitros taunts Zuko, but Zuko manages to continue battling. Zuko's ferocity eventually forces Mitros to realize that he needs to leave the city, and he begins using water whips to both distract Team Avatar as well as to free Katas from his bondage at the wall. He eventually forms a fog cover, and uses it to retreat.


Mitros is extremely angry at the loss of the last stronghold held in the Fire Nation. He decides to implement a plan he had been working on, leading to their attack on the Southern Water Tribe. This also directly causes the death of both Mitros and Katas, both of whom perish during this battle.

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