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This page is for the battle. For the chapter that contains the events of this battle, see Act 3: Genocide. For the battle with a similar name, see Murder at Taku.
Battle of Taku
Fire Nation Army


Air Nomad Genocide


Unknown, eventually Battle of Han Tui


The War


Autumn, 0 AG




  • Death of the citizens of Taku


Citizens of Taku †

Fire Nation


  • none

Forces involved




Only three known survivors



The Battle of Taku was the second large massacre committed by the Fire Nation. It resulted in the death of all the citizens of Taku. Guru Pathik is the only known survivor. This assault, led by the traitorous monk Afiko, was the first attack on the Earth Kingdom. The Fire Nation targeted Taku because it was the least defended of the three main trading centers of the Earth Kingdom; the other two being Omashu and Ba Sing Se.


The Fire Nation caught the people of Taku by surprise. The citizens expected the Fire Nation to be there to trade. The Fire Nation soldiers attacked them as soon as they left their ship. Most were killed before they knew what was happening. The few that did realize what was going on were quickly defeated by the countless Firebenders.

Four people were in the Herbalist Institute and not caught by surprise: Pathik, Hebi, Mori, and Tamaki. Afiko and a few of his soldiers entered the Institute. After a short but bloody struggle, Mori, Tamaki, and Hebi were dead. Pathik managed to surprise the soldiers and escape from the city. His actions were guided by an unknown spirit, thought at the time to be Gyatso.

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