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You may be looking for the chapter detailing this battle, Siam Valley.

Battle of Siam Valley
Momo climbs a tree


Operation Eternity


The Phoenix War


Mid-Autumn 70 AG


Siam Valley, Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom Victory


Earth Kingdom

The Phoenix Islands


Unknown General

Forces involved

  • 90,000 (Main Force)
  • 10,000 (Reinforcements)
  • 80,000 +


Major Forces Loss, Avatar Captured

Army nearly Obliterated, General Killed


The Battle of Siam Valley is a battle in The Phoenix Chronicles


After a crash landing, the survivors from Operation Eternity, fled to Omashu. Soon, they realized the Islanders were to invade there as well. Sky and Mian were discharged with disrupting their advancement, but failed in the long run. Omashu Intelligence captured a Phoenix Scout, who Mian "persuaded" to talk, but despite Mian's lack of trust; Hai went on to declare that they would ambush the Islanders.


Hai used a Trident formation, with 3 pillars followed by mass forces, to obliterate the enemy. His forces realized something was wrong, when the Islanders seemed prepared, they began to flee back up the hill only to get caught by hiding Islanders. Reinforcements from Sky, who decided against direct combat, shot volley after volley of arrows to slow down the enemy. Despite initial gains, both sides were soon at a weak point, and fighting to survive. Unknowingly, Zura killed their General, which many did not notice due to the large scale of the battle.

Mian, who had expected and feared an attack like this, came to the battle late with reinforcements. Even these weren't enough to give a decisive victory. However, Mian soon became enraged and went into the Avatar State, obliterating the enemy. He was however, kidnapped by old enemy, Jeong.


This battle despite the EK Victory, was a major tactical loss, due to the Avatar being kidnapped.


Some may notice how this battle is at far higher level of soldiers than Operation Eternity, which was in the thousands. The answer is fairly simple. The Fire Nation had massively de-militarized and due to the large scale of internal unity there was very little reason to keep up such a large and expensive army. The Earth Kingdom however as mentioned by Mizu and Kai has had some internal struggles so keeps fairly large forces on hand. The Islanders knew both, along with information from Hoshizu and their Scouts, respectively.

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