By AvatarfanSLO Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt continuity.
Battle of Shin Yun Harbour


None, Start of conflict


The Red Revolt


Siege of Was Na Si


Late Spring 100 AG


Shin Yun Harbour


  • Destruction of Fire Nation Domestic Fleet
  • Hokai joins Team Avatar



Sokka, Katara, Aang, Fire Nation




Forces involved


Team Avatar, Fire Nation Domestic Fleet



Several Fire Nation Ships damaged or sunk


The Battle of Shin Yun Harbour was the first conflict during the Red Revolt.


As more and more Fire Nation officers decided to switch sides and join Admiral Shinzou, the new leader of the Red Revolt Movement, Fire Lord Zuko called Team Avatar for their help.

When they arrived, a Fire Nation messenger arrived with the shocking news that the Fire Nation Domestic Fleet is being attacked and destroyed in Shin Yun Harbour. Aang and his friends decided to investigate and went to Shin Yun Harbour to look for some clues and too catch the culprit.

Just as they arrived and started questioning the Harbour workers about the recent events, a Fire Nation cruiser exploded, shocking everyone. After a thorough investigation, the culprit's location had been approximately found.

The Gaang waited until night fall, when the exact location of the lair was found, when the lights of the culprit's torches shined. The Gaang saw and followed the culprit to a nearby cave and a battle of the Elements began.

The two benders quickly overpowered the culprit and chained him up. Aang immediately recognised the identity of the attacker as Hokai, Aang's childhood friend from the Southern Air Temple.

After the battle and Hokai's explanation on how he got here, Aang, Katara and Sokka all agreed that he should join Team Avatar, as he would be a vital asset in the team.

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