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Battle of Republic City
[[File:Republic City under attack|250pxpx|]]


Raid on Equalist Underground Bases


The Gunslinger Civil War, Anti Bender Revolution


Winter 170-171 AG


Republic City


Gunslinger Rebel victory. Republic City and Air Temple Island heavily damaged. Equalists scattered.


United Republic, Gunslinger Rebels



Tenzin, Avatar Korra, John Rider, General Iroh(late)

Amon, Hiroshi Sato.

Forces involved

United Forces Navy, Refugee Navy & Air Chops, Refugee Riflemen

Equalist chi blockers, Equalist Air Force, Mecha Tanks.


Several United Forces ships sunk, 175 Refugee riflemen killed or wounded.

One Hundred of Mecha Tanks destroyed, Thousands of Equalists killed, Equalist Air Force almost completely wiped out.


"Throw everything you've got at us! This city will not fall!"
— John Rider in the early stages of the battle

The Battle of Republic City was a major offensive launched by the Equalists in an effort to capture Republic City and drive out all benders. It began in late winter of 170 AG when Equalist airships and ground forces began attacking the city and all locations attributed to benders. The battle wound ground on for roughly a month and eventually result in an Equalist loss.


In late fall of 170 AG, Lin Beifong approached John Rider to ask for his support in providing security to the Pro-Bending Tournament. John, the commander of the Refugees, agreed to provide the manpower. On top of this, many of the Refugees would be attending the tournament to cheer on Avatar Korra and the Fire Ferrets.

However, when the Equalists attacked the tournament, many of the Refugees attending were injured. Angered by the attack, John called a news conference in the Council Chamber at City Hall. Before the Council and the press, he declared war on the Equalists. By doing so, The Refugees would be accompanying the metalbending police force whenever a raid was conducted.

By early winter, information gathered by The Hellraisers stated that an all out Equalist attack was soon to be conducted on the city. The Refugees passed on this information to the council, but it was ignored as Avatar Korra had been abducted.


Early Stage

In the early morning hours following Avatar Korra's return, Equalist airships approached the city from the mountains. Several of the locations related to benders were attacked. The Refugees, who had been on high alert since the information gathered about the attack, launched counterattacks and set up barricades in an effort to slow or halt the advancing enemy.

In less than two hours, over half of the city had fallen to the Equalists including the police headquarters and city hall. The Refugees fell back to their fortified borough and Air Temple Island, gambling that their inferior numbers would be best used in defensive positions.

In an effort to drop the moral of the Equalists, the newly constructed ship Isabella entered the harbor and used her five-inch guns to shell various points in the city where the Equalists gathered. All the while John used radio broadcasts in a manner similar to the one that Amon used. He promised that the city would not fall to the Equalist forces, no matter how many troops they deployed.

After the end of the second day, Air Temple Island finally fell to the Equalists. However their hold on the island would remain weak thanks in part to the efforts of the Isabella's crew.

By now, the Refugees remained holed up in their borough, fending off almost constant attacks from the enemy. With her ammunition low and the danger of being sunk by Equalist speed boats high, the Isabella retreated and dropped anchor just off of the mouth of Yue Bay.

With almost all of the city under the control of the Equalists, Avatar Korra and her allies retreated underground. Even the Refugees abandoned the borough they had fought so hard for, allowing the city to fall fully under the control of Amon.

Late Stage

After several days filled with stalls and setbacks, the first division of the United Forces Navy arrived in Yue Bay. However, all of the ships were sunk by Equalist biplanes. Several of the survivors amongst the fleet were taken in by the Refugees and armed.

While General Iroh sent a telegram to Commander Bumi in order to have his division retreat to Red Sand Island, John sent an encrypted message to the Isabella, ordering her crew to stand by and wait for further orders. In the meantime, A small group of Hellraisers managed to steal a number of Equalist biplanes. These planes were repainted and armed with machine guns for better combat.

Two days after the sinking of the First Division, the Refugees went on the attack. Along with the survivors from the United Forces and members from Team Avatar, they seceded in causing mass confusion on the city streets. At this point, The Isabella steamed into the harbor and began to shell the city with her guns.

With this, the remaining Equalist biplanes were sent to attack the Isabella and the Second Division. However the captured biplanes were waiting for them, and in the ensuing dogfight all remaining Equalist aircraft were destroyed and the airfields bombed into submission.

With Amon reviled to be a waterbender and Sato killed in the bombings, the Equalists were left virtually leaderless. Realizing that their grip over the city was lost and with the United Forces closing in, they abandoned the city, effectively ending the Battle.

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