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Battle of Omashu
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The Battle of Omashu is a major battle in the Guardian's War.


The Dai Li had defected from the Earth Kingdom following a successful coup. Their former leader, Long Feng was imprisoned and the Earth Kingdom fell. After the end of the War, they returned to the Earth Kingdom, but the Council of Five issued a decree disbanding the Dai Li. The agents slipped into Ba Sing Se and freed Long Feng, and began to seek revenge of the Avatar and friends for causing their decline in power. They raided several villages, and were eventually stopped by Team Avatar. Long Feng became more adamant about locating the Earth King, and one lead pointed towards Omashu. Long Feng vowed to take control of the city so he could lead a search of the city. Team Avatar closely followed, but was slightly late.


After arriving in the city, Team Avatar decides to split up. Their Sokka goes with Katara, and the rest of the Team splits up. Zuko battles through many agents, eventually seeing many fire blasts coming from the tier of the city above him. He propels himself up to that level, and finds his uncle battling agents as well. The two perform the Dancing Dragon and defeat the agents around them. Zuko asks about his mother, as Iroh mentioned her when Zuko arrived. Iroh tells him that he has a bigger duty to the world than he has to his mother, and the two go to the top of the city to find the source of a large crash.

Cheng is fighting agents as well. He is slowly loosing ground, but Bumi appears to save him. Bumi unleashes a torrent of land on the remaining agent, and the two leap off to investigate the crashing sound coming from the top of the city.

Katara and Sokka help stop some Dai Li agents who were trying to take a mail tower. The agents attack, and Sokka almost falls off the city. Katara manages to pull him up and the last agent is defeated by Sokka's Boomerang. Some Omashu guards arrive and send the two through the mail system to investigate the loud crashing sound from the top of the city.

Toph is looking for agents at the bottom level of the city, and manages to locate a few. She lures them into the portion of the city where the Fire Nation's metal was located. The ground was covered in metal, and the agents had nothing to bend. Toph encased the agents in metal and left to the top of the city to investigate the loud crash.

Retreat of the Dai Li

After Aang confronts Long Feng, the two begin a fierce duel. Long Feng begins throwing parts of the royal palace at Aang, who knocks Long Feng to the ground. Soon after the rest of Team Avatar arrives along with Cheng, Bumi, and Iroh, Long Feng retreats, leaving the palace on a wave of earth. Long Feng orders a retreat, and the group seemingly vanishes into the mountain range.


After the battle, Fire Lord Zuko asked his uncle about the whereabouts of his mother, and was greeted by her. She told him about where she was in the past few years, and the entire group was ambushed by an agent. Team Avatar quickly repels the agent, and Zuko vows not to ever let anyone harm his mother.

Long Feng decided that they needed to lay underground and search more for the king, using less direct methods. While fleeing Omashu, Long Feng had the agents tunnel underground. Team Avatar remains unable to find the agents.

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