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Battle of Fire Nation Capital


Battle of Fort Zuko


Battle of Ursa Plains


Fire Nation Civil War


  • Decisive Fire Nation victory


  • Fire Nation
  • Foreign volunteers
  • Blue Flame


  • Zuko
  • Sokka
  • Azula

Forces involved

  • 12 Water Tribe Boats
  • 6 Submarines
  • 10 Coastal Ballistae
  • 500 Fire Nation Troops
  • 166 Volunteers
  • 7 Kyoshi Warriors
  • 1 Empire-class Battleship
  • 24 Cruisers
  • 12 Speed boats
  • 700 Soldiers
  • 200 Tundra Tanks


  • 1 Submarine sunk
  • 2 Water Tribe boats sunk
  • 3 Coastal ballistae
  • 100 Soldiers
  • 1 Empire-class Battleship
  • 12 cruisers
  • 12 speed boats
  • 362 Soldiers
  • 80 Tundra Tanks



The Blue Flame devised a plan to attack the mainland. First, they were to attack the northern beaches of the Fire Nation mainland, and on the same day, they were to attack the Capital through an amphibious assault. Fire Nation military intelligence uncovered the plot and the three generals made preparations. The majority of the Fire Nation Army, and the majority of the volunteers were sent to defend the capital, leaving the northern beaches unprotected. Philip Hellene proposed stationing the Hellenic Army at Fort Zuko, directly protecting the capital from the north. Sokka and Zuko stayed to protect the capital.


The Blue Flame's army landed unopposed on the capital's beaches. The army quickly swept through, finding little opposition. The attack was spearheaded by tundra tanks. After penetrating the palace's outer walls, however, they were trapped when the earthbenders erected a new wall and were left at the mercy of the waterbenders. The coastal ballistae surfaced and opened fire on the Blue Flame navy; at the same time, benders emerged from hiding, unleashing a volley of bending attacks.

The cruisers and battleship were forced further away, out of the ballistae's range, while still being able to bombard the city. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Blue Flame's Empire class, the Iron Ozai sank. The Water Tribe's submarine fleet had been rebuilt and unleashed its attacks on the unsuspecting cruisers. Water Tribe sailing ships also managed to crush a Blue Flame cruiser, prompting speed boats to engage.

A second attack managed to force the benders to scatter and penetrated the outer wall. The Blue Flame reached the second wall where it encountered an ambush from Southern and Kyoshi Warriors, with both Sokka and Suki leading from the front. The advance was temporarily halted, allowing the benders to reground and surround the attackers between the walls.

The speedboats were able to sink but one submarine and were unable to defeat the northern benders in their own element. The cruisers were unable to attack the smaller opponent and were overrun. The submarines withdrew when their supply of air and explosives was exhausted. The Water Tribe boats remained and continued to disable Blue Flame ships, but were forced to disengage when night fell.

At night fall, the Blue Flame regrouped and retreated.


The battle was a decisive victory for the Fire Nation, as it prevented the total victory of Azula's forces. By battle's end, however, the Blue Flame had commenced their attack on Fort Zuko, now defended by Philip Hellene.

The defeated palace invasion force retreated to the Boiling Rock, where they would make their last stand.

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