By Alexander of Volzhsky Part of the Alexander of Volzhsky Universe continuity.
Battle of Ember Island
Fire Nation attack at Yu Dao


Many skirmishes between warlords




Fire Nation Civil War


101 AG


Ember Island


Fire Nation government victory


Fire Nation government

Crimson Command


  • Governor Onaji†
  • Colonel Taisho†

Forces involved

Fire Nation Army:

  • 5th Division
  • 7th Division

Fire Nation Navy:

  • Combined Fleet

Total: 35,000 troops

Total: 17,000 troops


6,384 killed or missing, 9,731 injured

8,512 killed or missing, 7,056 injured


The Battle of Ember Island was an early battle of the Fire Nation Civil War.


Since the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai and the ascension of Zuko to the Fire Nation throne, many refused to acknowledge the new leader. Many officials and officers decided to instead go rogue, becoming renegade warlords. They began openly challenging the government. Chief among them was Governor Onaji of Ember Island, who refused to recognize Zuko as the new Fire Lord and declared independence from his Fire Nation, pledging allegiance to "Phoenix King" Ozai. People living on the island agreed, and the garrison (consisting of soldiers and a flotilla of cruisers) became the military force of Onaji's faction, the "Crimson Command". Fire Lord Zuko refused to put up with such dissent, as much of the Fire Nation was in chaos. He sent a force under General Mak and Admiral Jeong Jeong (who decided to return to service until the civil war ended) to put down the uprising.

The battle

The Fire Navy fleet approached the island and began fighting the smaller Crimson Command flotilla. The governor's forces, under command of Colonel Taisho, were prepared to fight to the death in defense of their ideals. The Fire Navy took little casualties in the fight against the flotilla, and landed troops on the beaches. They fought with the island's defenders, and managed to secure a beachhead. They began to push further into the island. Colonel Taisho himself was killed in battle, early in the operation. Governor Onaji took command of his army himself, even though he did not have any military experience to speak of. The battle resulted in heavy casualties for both sides, but the government forces could take them, unlike the upstarts. It was a war of attrition, and the governor never had a chance. Rather than be captured, Onaji killed himself as defeat was imminent.


With the governor and their commander dead, the remainder of the renegade forces surrendered. The battle lasted a total of four days. Both sides lost thousands of men, though Zuko's government was triumphant. Ember Island would remain untouched for the rest of the civil war.

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