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Beifong Pass was a mountainous pass in between the Katara River and Republic City. It is a vital pass for anyone who wishes to invade the United Republic.


The Crossing of Katara River enabled the Earth Empire to establish a foothold in the United Republic. To get to Republic City and end the war quickly, however, the Empire needed to cross Beifong Pass, where the Coalition had mounted a stronger defensive position.


United Forces troops and the Hellenic Army fortified their position with sandbags, barbed wire and mines. Artillery batteries were concentrated behind the lines.

The Coalition opened fire from artillery the moment the Earth Army appeared on the horizon; most shots did not fall within range. The Earth Infantry led the charge and faced heavy resistance from the defenders. They encountered great trouble from a new weapon - a pivoting metal tube through which fire or airbenders would bend at an incredibly high rate, cutting down the infantry as they charged. When the first wave crashed into the defenders, they were forced to retreat, having dealt little damage.

Following their attack was another wave, this time it was purely mecha suits. The mecha suits were not invincible, with water- and earthbenders being able to incapacitate many of them. The defenders, using prototype EMP grenades, were able to inflict casualties on the mecha suits. Eventually, the mecha suit assault was thwarted. The casualties it inflicted, however, were horrendous.

After another wave, it became obvious that defending the pass would not be possible, as their lines were thinning and their left flank was almost breached. The war cabinet ordered a retreat of the United Forces and Hellenes, leaving a small volunteer force behind as a rear guard. The forces retreated at night and took up positions outside Republic City. The rear guard received news of the defenders reaching the city and decided on a charge. While it was still night, they charged into the enemy camp and wrought havoc upon the attackers. The attack was defeated and all the attackers were killed.


The defeat at Beifong Pass left Republic City directly vulnerable to invasion. However, the staunch resistance took many mecha suits off the battle field and the final charge meant reorganisation was necessary, thus slowing the advance and giving the defenders time to use new weapons. All in all, the battle lasted four days and it took a week and a half from the arrival at Beifong Pass to the arrival outside Republic City.

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