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Battle of Ba Sing Se
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Battle of the Airships


Earth Kingdom counter attacks


Earth Kingdom Blitz


Hundred Year War(pre cease fire)


Late summer 100 AG-Summer 101 AG


Ba Sing Se


Earth Kingdom victory


Order of the White Lotus, Ba Sing Se citizens, Earth Kingdom(late entry)

Fire Nation


Grand Lotus Iroh, General How(late entry)

General Ming

Forces involved

Order of the White Lotus, Earth Kingdom Rifleman(late entry)

Fire Nation Army, Fire Nation Homeland Guard


In the thousands

In the thousands


"Don't talk to me like you were there, like you know what I saw"
— Kento, The War Hero.

The Battle of Ba Sing Se was a major, year long conflict that took place in the final months of the Hundred Year War before the cease fire. It began in the summer of 100 AG when the Order of the White Lotus launched an attack on the city during the arrival of Sozin's Comet. The battle quickly entered into a stalemate that would last for almost a year.

By the following summer, Earth Kingdom forces under the command of General How armed with newly made firearms created by the Mechanist had managed a breakout and arrived in the city, reinforcing the battered Order. Among them was an eleven year old by the name of Kento, a waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe and younger brother of Team Avatar members Sokka and Katara.

In the ensuing conflict, the Fire Nation forces inside the city were forced to route after the loss of hundreds to the new weapons. The entire Fire Nation force, with the exception of a few deserters, was captured while attempting to flee. Despite massive damage done to the city, The Earth Kingdom Capital was finally reclaimed by the Earth King after a year of enemy occupation.


With the Coup of Ba Sing Se and fall of the city in spring 100 AG, Earth Kingdom forces remained in pockets of ground all over the eastern Earth Kingdom. With the liberation of Omashu during the Day of Black Sun, The Earth Kingdom once again had a base to operate from, with a temporary capital being set up there. From Omashu, The Earth King and his Generals began to conduct counterattacks against the already spread then Fire Nation Army


Summer-Winter 100 AG

With the arrival of Sozin's comet, The Order of the White Lotus, led by Grand Lotus Iroh, launched an attack on the occupied city. Almost immediately, the Order gained ground, capturing many important locations within the city, including the Earth Kingdom Palace. However a stalemate quickly ensued as Fire Nation forces within the walls launched a counterattack, reclaiming the Central Monorail Station.

With many of the poorer districts and much of the heart of the city under Fire Nation control, Iroh settled in for a prolonged conflict, knowing full well that he was basically surrounded. Rather than waste his extremely limited resources, the Grand Lotus settled into a defensive action, forcing the Fire Nation troops to waste their resources in failed attacks.

By mid winter Earthbenders, many of them refugees, grew tired of liberation being so close yet not coming. Many of the poorer districts still under Fire Nation control revolted. The revolt, combined with an attack by the Order, nearly liberated the city. However, Fire Nation troops from the homeland arrived and reinforced the struggling Fire Nation position. Many of the revolts were put down and the battle continued.

Winter-Spring 101 AG

Outside of the city, Earth Kingdom forces that had been conducting counterattacks threatened to cut off the Fire Nation supply lines. Iroh, realizing that much of the city living space was had been destroyed during the fighting, sent civilians, mainly women and children to the Earth Kingdom lines some fifty miles away. By doing this, he inadvertently created a supply line for his weakening force.

By spring, the Fire Nation troops began to falter with the constricting of their supplies by the advancing Earth Kingdom troops. However, General Ming, commander of the Fire Nation forces inside the city still refused to retreat, even though he was running out of men and his supply line was faltering rather rapidly.

Summer 101 AG

With the arrival of summer came the arrival of Earth Kingdom soldiers armed with the new muskets. General How, commanding the new arrivals quickly stepped up attacks, mainly on the supply lines.  The Fire Nation supply line was reduced to a trickle, with the remaining troops being forced to starve with the lack of food. Seeing this, Iroh went on the offensive after a year of holding his position.

With the recapture of the Central Monorail Station, an Earth Kingdom banner was lifted over the heart of the city. Seeing this, the demoralized Fire Nation troops began to route from the city, abandoning their positions after almost a year of defense. General Ming, struggling to maintain his collapsing position, finally gave up fighting and surrendered, willing to face Earth Kingdom prison then being shunned in the Fire Nation homeland. Many of the fleeing Fire Nation troops were quickly captured and imprisoned with their General.


With the reclamation of Ba Sing Se, the capital was relocated and the Earth King reoccupied the Palace, despite massive damage done to it in the fighting. As a result of the loss of the city, demoralised Fire Nation troops were quickly routed all over the Eastern Earth Kingdom, setting the stage for the Winter Deadlock.

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