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Battle of Ba Sing Se
[[File:Occupied Earth Kingdom palace|250px|Battle of Ba Sing Se (Kyoshi Revolts)]]


Murder at the Boiling Rock




100 AG


Ba Sing Se (now Phoenix City)


Fire Nation victory




Iroh Fire Nation Order of the White Lotus

Forces involved

Fire Nation

Order of the White Lotus



  • All members except Iroh
  • Iroh arrested


The Battle of Ba Sing Se was originally a liberation attempt of the Order of the White Lotus, but failed and all the members of the Order were killed, with the exception of Iroh, who was imprisoned after an Agni Kai with his brother Ozai



Before the Day of Black Sun, Ozai decided in a war meeting to burn down the Earth Kingdom. He set out with a vast fleet to burn down the Earth Kingdom, and since Aang had committed suicide, there was nobody to stop him.

Liberation Attempt

Iroh sent a message to all the members of the Order of the White Lotus to take Ba Sing Se back for the Earth Kingdom. When they attacked Ba Sing Se, the troops within were no match for the 'Old Masters' and where quickly overwhelmed by the Order. Meanwhile, Ozai had reached Ba Sing Se after burning down the rest of the Earth Kingdom. When he saw the Order attacking the city, he landed and stormed into he city with his elite Firebenders. They killed all the members of the Order, until only Iroh remained.

Agni Kai

When he saw his brother standing in front of the palace, burning the Fire Nation flag, Ozai became furious and challenged Iroh to an Agni Kai. Iroh saw he did not have a choice and accepted the challenge. The Agni Kai was fierce and neither of them could gain the upper hand. Ozai eventually decided to use lighting, sending a powerful blast of lighting to Iroh. Iroh redirected it to Ozai, who already expected the move by his experience with Zuko on the Day of Black Sun. Ozai simply dodged the lighting and began to launch other fire blasts at Iroh. Iroh began to lose his stance, and Ozai saw his chance. He knocked Iroh of his feet and propelled himself to him. He did show some respect for his older brother and did not kill him, but had him locked up forever in the Boiling Rock under much better security than last time.


After defeating Iroh, Ozai renamed the city Phoenix City. He then entered the city and made his home in the palace. On Ozai's funeral, Mai was appointed as ruler of the city. She now lives here with her daughter, Quanlee.

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