Aang controls the Avatar State
Battle in the Swamp
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Aang and Jun stood silently preparing for their first and what Aang hoped would be their only battle. Jun dealt the first blow by attacking with a fire stream. Aang fought back with an air wake and extinguished Jun's blast. The evil Firebender shot several fire blasts at Aang who used an air swipe in retaliation. Hong Wu prepared to unleash his knives and at that moment, Azula and Mongke rushed to the scene, having heard the noise of the battle. "Stand back!" Jun's voice echoed. "The boy is mine!" He made a fire whip and swung it at Aang who created an identical fire whip. The two swung at each other until finally, Aang knocked Jun back. The masked man stood up and blasted a fire disk at The Avatar. Aang instantly put up a rock wall to defend himself. Jun then created a fire bomb and launched it at Aang. The Avatar was blown away by the amazing power of the blast and fell to the ground. "There is no escape for you this time, Avatar." Jun declared. Aang's eyes and tattoos glowed and he began to hover in the air. He unleashed two massive fire whips at Jun and blew him back immediately. Jun looked up at Aang and knew he was in trouble.

Meanwhile, Azula was facing Katara with a maniacal look on her face. "Well, well. It looks like I've got you now!" Azula smirked. Team Avatar was desperate to free themselves but it was no use, they were trapped. Azula began to generate a bolt of lightning and prepared to fire it at Katara but before she had a chance, she was struck by a massive wave. The insane princess got up and saw who had attacked her. The Foggy Swamp Benders had already freed everyone by the time Azula got up.

"Now you listen here! You're not comin' in this swamp without goin' through us!" Huu declared.

"And now it's payback time!" Sokka added as he unsheathed his sword.

Meanwhile, Aang had been chasing Jun throughout the swamp and had Jun cornered. He exited the Avatar State and prepared to bend Jun's energy. The evil Firebender lurched himself at Aang right after he exited the Avatar State. Aang pinned Jun down with ice spikes before he could strike. It was then that Hong Wu and Mongke arrived Mongke melted away the ice spikes. Jun shot a large burst of fire from his mouth at Aang who leaped into the air to avoid it. He then landed on the ground and countered with an air swipe. Jun dodged it, causing it to hit Hong Wu who was standing behind him. The knife thrower was hurled back and hit the ground with a thud. Aang saw something running towards them. It was Azula followed by his friends and the Swampbenders.

Hong Wu got back on his feet and after seeing that he and his master were clearly outnumbered, knew that they should flee. "Master, I think it would be wise if we retreated." Hong Wu said.

"Are you kidding me?!" Jun shouted. "I will not leave this swamp until the Avatar and his friends are dead! If you wish to be a coward and escape then go ahead, Hong Wu!!"

Hong Wu was enraged by this insult and drew one of his knives but he was water whipped by Katara before he could strike his master. "Jun, he's right we have to get out of here!" Mongke agreed. Team Avatar and the Swampbenders had Jun and his minions surrounded. Jun let out an infuriated scream and in a flash of light, the four villains disappeared.

"No, I let him get away again!" Aang said, angered.

"It's alright, Aang. We'll find him." Katara assured him.

"Let's stick together this time." Zuko said.

"Agreed." Aang said.

"We'll head back and let you guys take care of it." Due said.

"Yea, you guys can handle it on your own." Tho added.

And with that, Team Avatar climbed onto Appa. "Alright, Appa. Yip, yip." Aang said. With a low growl, Appa took off into the air. "Fly low, boy. We need to be able to see everything down there." The Avatar informed the bison.

Several hours later it was getting dark and everyone was ready to give up. "Come on! Are we ever going to find them?" Toph complained.

"Just be patient, Toph." Suki said.

"I think we should call it a day, guys." Mai suggested.

"You guys get some sleep. I'll stay up and search." Aang said.

"That works for me." Sokka replied immediately. "Good night, guys."

It was awhile before everyone was asleep. The only ones left awake were Aang and Katara. Katara went over to Aang and sat next to him. "You need some help?" She asked.

"Katara, I don't want to keep you from getting your sleep." Aang said.

"Aang, I don't mind. I want to help." Katara insisted.

"Thanks, Katara." Aang said.

The lightning bolt nearly hit Appa. Luckily it missed by barely an inch. The sky bison let out a loud roar in response to the attack. Aang grabbed his staff and after twirling it open, jumped off of Appa and flew down to confront Jun. With all of his power he unleashed a mighty air tornado. The tornado blew Jun and Azula around and when the attack subsided, they were on the ground unconscious. Appa landed and Katara stared in amazement. Everyone else was awakened by the sound of the lightning strike and also looked amazed. "Now, let's get out of here." Aang said before Airbending Jun and Azula onto Appa. "Yip, yip." Appa then took off into the sky. "Next stop: Ba Sing Se." The Avatar informed his friends.

In the shadows, Hong Wu and Mongke watched the young heroes as they faded off in the distance. Hong Wu was secretly pleased with his master's capture because that meant he was in charge.

Several days had passed and Team Avatar had reached Ba Sing Se. They entered the outer wall and every one of them felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. They had done it. They had captured Jun and Azula and were soon going to bring them to justice. As they reached the inner wall, Team Avatar was absolutely horrified at what they saw: the whole city was on fire. There was devastation all over. "Hey, guys, I think I don't think Iroh ran out of ink in that message he sent us." Suki said, quietly.

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