By AvatarfanSLO Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt continuity.
Battle in the Realm of Koh


Coup of Ba Sing Se


The Red Revolt


Liberation of Azula


Late Winter of 100 AG


The Spirit World

  • The Realm of Koh


  • Victory of Team Avatar
  • Jinju and other prisoners are freed
  • Jinju becomes Sokka's new Spiritual Guardian
  • Koh is killed


Sokka, Katara, Aang, Hokai





Forces involved

Team Avatar




Koh †


The Battle in the Realm of Koh was a battle fought by Team Avatar against Koh, the face stealer during the Red Revolt.


One night, when Sokka was sleeping, he had a nightmare, a vision of his Great-Grandfather Jinju, calling him to help him. Sokka didn't realize it at the beginning but the spirit was contacting him to help him. Only when Sokka explained the dream to Aang and Hokai did he realize the meaning of his dream.

The Gaang went to see Guru Pathik for advice. With a special ritual, Pathik summoned three Spirit Guides for Katara, Sokka and Hokai, in order to lead them into the Spirit World, while Aang was able to go into the Spirit World all by himself. The guides (Avatar Kyoshi, Monk Gyatso and Monk Tashi) transported the team into the Spirit World, where they met up with Avatar Roku, who told them what happened to Jinju. The past Avatar guided the Gaang to the Realm of Koh, where Jinju was kept captive.

The Gaang went into the Spirit's lair and started walking towards the cells, where Jinju was being captive. Along the way they met up with Koh, the face stealer. The Spirit tried and almost succeeded in stealing their faces, as he told them lies and wanted to deceive them.

The Gaang finally got to the cells, where they found Jinju, still with his face intact. The two Great-Grandchildren were reunited with their ancestor, and for a moment everything seemed alright.

But now that Jinju was free Koh demanded a new victim. Sokka volunteered and placed himself before Koh. When the Spirit turned around he could see his own reflection, as Sokka took a mirror with him. The Spirit got killed in the process, by absorbing his own face.

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