Battle for the Tower
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Battle at the Bowling Alley

In Aelita's room...

A week after the gang first arriving, Aelita gets a call.

"Yes? What?! On my way!", Aelita says hanging up, "We need to get to the factory right away. Another tower has been activated!"

"Oh no!", Katara says rushing.

At Odd's house...

Odd gets a call from Aelita.

"What is it?", Sokka says rubbing his tried eyes.

"We need to get down to the factory right away!", Odd says, "Stay here Kiwi and Momo!"

Kiwi and Momo follow along despite being told to stay.

At Ulrich's room...

"We need to get moving now!", Ulrich says dragging Zuko.

"Well could you at least stop dragging me, LITERALLY!", Zuko says as he is being dragged out.

At Yumi's house...

"We need to hurry! Another X.A.N.A attack has been launched!", Yumi says dragging Toph out the door. Toph remains asleep.

"Will you wake up?!", Yumi says throwing her onto her shoulders.

At the factory...

"You guys made it in time!", Jeremie says in relief., "The tower is in the Desert Sector. After this I want to test the new program that may get you home. I don't want something like clones being formed on accident. We had that problem before with Odd's teleporting program for when he is in Lyoko."

"Okay let's get to the scanners.", Yumi says motioning to follow.

"You guys don't have to go but you can if you like.", Jeremie says to the group.

"I think they need all the help they can get. We barely survived without them. Besides they may need our help.", Katara says.

"We will go to help out.", Zuko says. The gang runs to the scanners. Jeremie starts the Virtualization program for everyone.




As soon as everyone is in the Desert Sector they are ambushed by 4 Bloks.

"Oh this is so good!", Odd says breaking into laughter, "What's stupider than 1 Blok? Apparently X.A.N.A is an idiot to send 4 useless Bloks to fight us! This is rich!"

"Uhhhh... You might want to rethink this 'X.A.N.A' thing is not so stupid. Look!", Aang says pointing to a Scyphozoa in the distance.

"Oh man! These jellyfish heads again?!", Odd says face palming himself.

Sokka looks at Odd and for the first time realizes the picture on Odd's suit.

"Uhhh... What is that suppose to be?", Sokka says pointing at the insignia on odd's chest.

"Oh... This is Kiwi.", Odd says.

"What on Earth is Kiwi doing?", Zuko asks raising an eyebrow.

"It's an insignia of Kiwi peeing.", Odd says with a big grin.

"EWWWWW!", the gang shouts and sweat drops form on them.

"We had the same reaction when we saw it too.", Yumi says looking at Odd.

"Focus everyone! The jellyfish thing is aiming for Aang and Aelita!", Ulrich says pointing to the Scyphozoa.

Aang Airbends the Scyphozoa away but it rapidly comes back.

"RUN AANG!", Katara shouts and he runs up a tree screaming.

Ulrich face palms at the 5 year old action of running up a tree.

"Hey he was almost toast! If that thing got him things could get messy. Remember the last time?", Yumi says slapping Ulrich.

Odd fires volleys of Laser Arrows but nothing works. As proven before, the Scyphozoa is practically immune to every attack.

"Aelita you have to get to that tower as fast as you can! We will be alright!", Sokka says swatting his boomerang at several spots on the Blok unable to hit the control eye.

Odd unleashes a laser Arrow at the correct eye and it explodes.

The Scyphozoa gets close to Zuko. Zuko unleashes a volley of fireballs and breathes fire at the Scyphozoa. The Scyphozoa backs away slowly

"Afraid of fire huh? Well have some more!", Zuko says with a smudgy smile unleashing another round of fire.

Sokka is trapped but the remaining Bloks. In the distance three little balls of light start hitting the Bloks near simultaneous and each one implodes louder and bigger than the last. The balls of light destroy them.

"Oh those little cube things give me a headache! Is that all ya got?! Bring on your big daddies!", Someone says in a taunting voice.

The Scyphozoa starts heading twords the voice.

"Who said that?", Sokka asks.

"I have no idea but I am scanning to find where that attack came from. Okay got it. Head in the direction you saw them come from.", Jeremie says while scanning.

"That's weird... Who ever that was doesn't even show up... Those kids showed up but this person is a lot more stealthy and surely knows how to go under the radar.", Jeremie thinks to himself.

"I see someone. She is fighting that jelly fish thing and a bunch of other things!", Sokka says in shock, "Why isn't she running?"

"Probably she faces everything head on Sokka!", Toph says punching Sokka in the shoulder making him fall over.

The girl is ambushed by the Scyphozoa, Kankralats, Hornets, Bloks, Krabs, and Megatanks. She unleashes a fury of balls of light and then draws her fingers in a circular motion the air forming a large ring of light and gets in strong stance and the ring charges with a flash of a spining light that makes an eerie sound and shoots a large intense beam of light. The blast knocks away everything except the Scyphozoa into the Digital Sea.

"Woah. She is pretty tough. I don't think anyone can stand a chance against her.", Odd says in awe.

The girl goes toe to toe with the Scyphozoa. She draws out a blade that looks magical and without touching it swings it knocking out the Scyphozoa.

"Nobody sends foolish toys like these when they want to pick a fight with me.", the girl says kicking the Scyphozoa.

"Did you just see that?! She defeated it without touching it!", Sokka says with his jaw dropping.

"Now is that all you got? I am ready to take on more!", the girl says getting ready for another fight.

The Scyphozoa wakes up and heads twords her. She holds out her hand forming a green ball of light that draws in energy from the surrounding area. The girl smirks. As soon as the energy reaches it's max power she unleashes a beam from the ball causing the Scyphozoa to be sent back.

"What's the matter?! Never dealt with Gamma Rays?!", the girl says.

"Wow she stands a better chance than us against that thing.", Toph says.

"She is strange thing that attacks like no tomorrow so of course she is gonna be better!", Sokka says and realized that insult back fired.

"I heard that! Don't think I am deaf you ditz!", the girl says in a taunting voice at Sokka. Sokka bangs his head.

"What does ditz even mean?", Toph asks.

"Let's see scatterbrain, idiot, dumb, an eccentric person, and/or stupid.", Yumi says.

Sokka's jaw drops realizing she called him an idiot.

"That does it!", Sokka says jumping out of hiding and does a battle cry and attacks the girl who simply teleports.

"Where did she go?", Sokka asks.

"Here I am!", the girl says hitting him in the back of the head, "You better think twice before pulling that off again."

Aelita arrives.

"The Tower has been deactivated.", Aelita says.

Jeremie starts the devirtualization program. The girl simply teleports herself out of Lyoko.

"Okay... Now THAT is a lame battle!", the girl says leaving the factory by opening a portal and jumping through it but the portal opens above and she falls down with a thud.

"Oh come on! I seriously need to learn to make those portals correctly.", she says brushing off her arms. She is dressed in a silver armor dress with a sapphire necklace.

"I never seen anyone teleport them selves out of Lyoko before... This madness.", Jeremie says under his breath as the girl leaves.

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