By The avatar Part of the The Phoenix Chronicles continuity.
Battle for the Southern Water Tribe
Fire missiles


Attack at the Shore


Operation Eternity


Phoenix Island-Southern Water Tribe war


70 AG


The Southern Water Tribe


Water Tribe wins


The Phoenix Islands

The Southern Water Tribe


Mian, Admiral Min,Chief Mizurai, Mizu

Air Ship Captains, Unknown General

Forces involved

The Phoenix Islands

The Southern Water Tribe


many, almost all dead

many, but majority healed


This page is about, the battle in the Fanon:The Phoenix Chronicles. You might be looking for the chapters with the similar name-Fanon:The Battle for the South Part 1 and Fanon:The Battle for the South Part 2.

During the war between the tribe and the Islands, this is the first major battle.


The Battle began, while team strike was as the Phoenix Islands along with Admiral Min. Thus, not having several ships weakened the tribe's defenses. The Islanders
Fire Nation airships


defeated the Water Tribe navy in two days, then along with the new back up of their airships they attacked the shore. Though, initially unsuccessful as more ships arrived the Islanders organized themselves and began the attacks anew. Also, the airships, after defeating the weak Water Tribe air fleet, began to bomb the tribe.

Team Strike arrives

Team Strike along with Admiral Min's fleet and the Phoenix bombers, begin helping almost immediately. Admiral Min, engages the weaker supply ships in the back of the Phoenix fleet. Meanwhile, Team strike along with others begin to take down the air ships. Mian, the decides to hijack the ship instead of destroy it after seeing all the resources within. Some others follow suit. Then, everyone engages the soldiers, and though outnumbered begin to win.Slowly, the enemy begin to retreat.
Fleeing soldiers

Fleeing enemy

Rise of an Avatar

Mian, after seeing his father hit by lightning, goes into the Avatar State and destroys the enemy fleet. He is surrounded by water, which eventually create waves which push and flip over the ships. He also creates Avatar level winds which, strangely, make all the enemy soldiers fly off into the frozen southern seas, but not any tribesmen or allies. It has been confirmed that the invasion was a failure, and that there were no known survivors.


After the battle, Mian was rushed to the hospital where he spent several days recuperating. His father also healed, but to be safer Admiral Min was positioned at the tribe. Also, Team Strike now head off to go under cover at the Phoenix Islands.

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