By Rockjaw Grang Part of the the Phoenix Estates continuity.
Battle for the Seedy Pier


Retaking Gaipan


The Phoenix Battles


Early fall


Seedy Merchants Peir


Phoenix Estates sent out of Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

Phoenix Estates


How, Toph, Saif, Kumaro, Aditi

Sho, Bharato

Forces involved

4 airships, ostrich horse cavalry, Earthbenders, warriors, 1 shy bison

trebuchets, komodo rhino cavalry, Firebenders, warriors, 1 ship, 1 balloon



all forces except Bharato captured or killed


Battle in the City

During the battle in the city, the Earth Kingdom infantry and half of the cavalry, lead by Kumaro and Saif, had to make way for the other half of the cavalry. When they had done that, Kumaro gave a signal, by shooting fire into the air. This let the rest of cavalry know they could come in. The Earth Kingdom also had airships in the battle, though they were shot down by trebuchets from the Phoenix Estates. When the airships landed, the people inside were broken out by Haruka and Wei. When the rest of the Earth Kingdom cavalry entered, they pushed the Phoenix Estates forces to the ocean and claimed victory.

Battle in the Cave

Bharato ran away during the battle, and headed north to a base he had built. He traveled there with two imperial Firebenders. He was followed by Wei, Hari,Kumaro, Haruka, and Aditi. Wei, Hari and Haruka dealt with his escort. Bharato faced Kumaro and Aditi. He shot lightning at Aditi, rendering her unconscious, and unable to fight. Bharato then fought Kumaro, first with Firebending and then with his sword. Eventually, he beat Kumaro, and was about to kill him when Wei, Hari, and Haruka showed up. Bharato then ran, closing the cave behind him.


Because the Phoenix Estates were no longer a threat to the Earth Kingdom, Toph and Saif could lead troops to the Fire Nation to assist in the war effort there. 

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