Invasion of the Fire Nation
Battle for the Fire Nation Capital, Part 1: Death and Betrayal
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The harpoons had been launched and the Rebels' tanks were being lifted up. The Fire Nation soldiers had been told to arrive at the battle just to be sure everything went according to plan. Suddenly, everyone saw four figures in the sky getting closer; it was Jun's team. Jun landed perfectly and blasted many of the soldiers, killing them all. He looked up and saw the tanks. Jun then let out a chuckle. "These Rebels are more pathetic than I thought!" Jun stated. He then noticed something; Banhen was standing on the ground.

"Bring in the second wave of tanks!" He ordered. Everyone looked confused. The soldiers who had fired the harpoons had now completely hauled up the tanks they had captured and saw they were all empty. Then a second wave of tanks emerged from the water and destroyed the battlements where the harpoons were equipped.

Jun, Azula, and Mongke shot several fire streams at the new, much larger wave of tanks but could not defeat all of them. "Head for the palace!" Jun shouted the order. Our main priority is the Avatar; we can come back for these dogs later!" Jun's team sprinted towards the palace while Banhen and the other Rebels made short work of what little was left of the soldiers.

A woman came running into the war room. "Fire Lord Zuko!" She shouted. "Our strategy failed! The Rebels have entered the capital and are heading for the city!"

Zuko was overcome with alertness. "Deploy more troops now!" He commanded. The woman bowed and left. Zuko looked at his friends. "You guys should come too." The rest of Team Avatar was already out of the room before he could finish.

Zuko prepared to leave the room but he was halted by a voice. "I am afraid I cannot let you go." He heard the voice and knew who it belonged to. The Fire Lord spun around to see Chi Fu standing there with a grin.

The Fire Lord was overcome with grief. "Chi Fu, how could you be one of them?" Zuko asked with disbelief. "You were my most trusted general."

"Like many others I am dissatisfied with your rule," Chi Fu responded. "And come on, who else do you think could have supplied them with Fire Nation tanks?" He added. Zuko created a fire dagger and before Chi Fu could react, stabbed it in his chest.

"You traitor!" Zuko spat.

Chi Fu chuckled. "Call me what you want but Banhen will secure this palace and win this battle and there is nothing you can do about it." Chi Fu fell dead to the floor after speaking his last words. Zuko then bolted out of the room to join the others.

Aang was asleep in his hospital room. He awoke at the noise of battle in the distance. "What's going on?" Aang asked himself.

A nurse suddenly came into the room. "Avatar Aang, hurry you must get outside!" She said, worry in her voice.

Aang was suddenly alarmed. "Why? What's going on?" He repeated.

"The Rebels have invaded the capital! You should be okay to leave now!" The nurse answered. At the sound of the nurse's words, Aang got up and bolted out of the room using Airbending. "Please, Avatar. Do not let us down." The nurse said to herself, hopefully.

Team Avatar had arrived at the edge of the volcano where the capital city was located. They could see the Rebels making their way through the Fire Nation soldiers. "Zuko, why don't you just send down some tanks to make this a fair fight?" Sokka questioned his friend.

"Because Chi Fu destroyed all of the ones he did not give to the Rebels," Zuko answered.

"What? Chi Fu is with the Rebels?" Katara asked, shocked.

"He was." Zuko replied, quietly.

"That does not make any sense. Chi Fu could not have destroyed every last one of those tanks by himself." Sokka pointed out. "He had to have had help."

"Can we please go do something instead of just standing here talking?" Toph asked, sarcastically. She, Sokka, Suki, Ai, and Chao ran down with the troops that had come with them to join the fight while Zuko, Katara, Mai, Iroh, and Omar stayed.

"Guys, why aren't you coming?" Ai asked.

"We are going to stay behind and protect the palace with the other troops." Zuko replied.

"Okay, good luck." Suki said. The Rebels had taken down the tower separating the plaza from the city and were now advancing towards the volcano. Ai created multiple water whips and took down several tanks. Suki came up and landed on top of one and sliced through it with her katana, creating a hole in the top. Ai then Icebent several ice spikes into the bodies of the Rebels inside. "Nice job, Ai!" Suki complimented.

"Same to you, Suki!" Ai returned the compliment. Their conversation was interrupted by a fire blast from an approaching tank. Suki and Ai advanced to attack it as well as the rest.

Katara, Zuko, Mai, and Iroh stood guard at the Royal Palace along with about fifty Fire Nation soldiers. They could all hear the battle in the distance. Out of nowhere, one soldier was struck by a knife. He fell dead to the ground. Then, there was fire roaring from everywhere. Those who were still alive looked to see Jun and his team standing before them. Before any of Jun's team could do anything, they were assaulted by a powerful blast of air. Everyone knew what that meant, Aang was here. They saw the Avatar running towards them. He halted and turned to face Jun and his teammates who had just slowly gotten back up. "How did you know they were here?" Katara asked Aang.

"Because I knew these four would try to attack the palace." Aang replied.

The members of Team Avatar who were in the plaza were getting the upper hand. At least half of the great metal beasts the Rebels were driving had been destroyed. Toph prepared to crush another when she felt a presence near her. "Who is there?" She asked.

Jin grinned and unleashed a fire disk at the blind Earthbender. Toph raised an earth wall to defend herself and shot an earth pillar out of the ground where Jin was standing. "What do we have here? A little girl who thinks she is a good bender?" Jin taunted.

"Look, lady! You better get out of my way before you really get on my nerves!" Toph said, insulted by Jin's remark.

Jin chuckled at this. "What are you going to do? Throw a tantrum?" Jin continued to taunt. Toph created a whirlpool of earth beneath Jin's feet and then Earthbent a rock out of the ground, preparing to crush her.

Before she could carry out her task, she was struck on the head from behind and fell unconscious. "Foolish girl." Chao remarked.

"Uh, hello! Are you going to get me out of here?" Jin asked, annoyed.

"Do I look like an Earthbender?" Chao rhetorically responded.

"Just pull me out!" Jin ordered. Chao did as he was told. It took some struggling but Chao managed to pull Jin out.

"What are we going to do about her?" Chao asked.

"Take her as a prisoner." Jin answered.

Sokka saw Chao carrying Toph over his shoulder along with Jin and realized who had helped Chi Fu.

Many of the troops had fallen and Jun's team was not letting up. Aang unleashed a fire slash at Jun but it was blocked by Azula who fired a bolt of lightning at the Avatar. The bolt was intercepted and redirected by Aang who just barely missed Azula. Everyone could see the Rebels' tanks coming up the volcano and entering the city. Zuko's eyes widened. "Evacuate the hospital! It's the only building left that has citizens inside!" The Fire Lord ordered.

Aang blew Jun inside the palace and then ran inside himself. The two continued their battle there.

Banhen had reached the top of the volcano. "Citizens of the Fire Nation, I have an offer for you!" He shouted. "We used to be a superpower! The greatest nation on Earth! But this so-called Fire Lord, the one you call Zuko has made us weak!" The Rebel leader spat. "I offer you the chance to become strong again! Help me overthrow this fool and destroy his friends and together we will make our great nation of fire rule the world as we almost did!" Team Avatar was horrified to hear Banhen's speech. Suddenly, the remaining troops who were with Zuko began to Firebend at the heroes. Zuko put up a fire shield to protect everyone. The troops pushed Team Avatar into the palace and they continued to battle. The citizens gazed upon Banhen with fear. At first none of them joined him but then a few people started picking fights with others in the streets. Soon, there was chaos all over the city.

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