Battle for the Fire Nation, Part 1: Betrayal
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March 29, 2014

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Battle for the Fire Nation, Part 2: The Revenge of Ozai

The Fire Nation tanks rolled into battle, shooting fire from their openings. Fire Nation soldiers ran onto the battlefield. Two TIE Fighters, an Imperial Landing Craft, a TIE Bomber, and a TIE Interceptor streaked across the sky opening fire on the tanks and soldiers below. Two AT-AT Walkers, three speeder bikes, three AT-ST Walkers, a dewback being ridden by a clone trooper, and an E-Web Blaster operated by another clone trooper opened fire on the tanks and soldiers as well. The Star Destroyer named Avenger was under the command of Captain Needa. The Avenger opened fire on the Fire Nation Royal Palace. Then, an Imperial Shuttle and a TIE Advanced headed for the palace. The TIE Advanced opened fire on the palace. The Fire Nation ships entered the battle. Then, the airships and hot air balloons entered the battle as well.

Admiral Chao raced into the throne room.

"Fire Lord Zuko! A Star Destroyer is destroying the palace! Two enemy fighters have landed just outside the palace!" Chao said.

"Deploy more troops!" Zuko said.

Zuko faced Team Avatar.

"Let's join the soldiers on the battlefield and help them fight back," Zuko said.

Team Avatar raced outside. Zuko was about to leave when he suddenly stopped.

He was not alone.

"Hello, brother," said a voice.

Zuko spun around and faced the one person he feared most.


"Azula," Zuko said through gritted teeth.

"What's the matter, Zu-zu? You look scared. Well you should be!" she said.

"How did you escape the mental facility?" Zuko demanded.

"Chi Fu," Azula said.

"Where is he?" Zuko demanded.

"Dead," Azula said.

"Stand down!" Zuko said.

"No thanks," Azula said.

Azula shot lightning at her brother, who instantly redirected it. Azula jumped into the air and shot fire out of her feet. Zuko dodged. Zuko shot several fire blasts at his sister, but Azula shot fire out of her mouth. Zuko created a fire wall and blocked the attack. Zuko shot a wave of fire at Azula, but she shot a fire disc and it sliced right through it. Zuko shot fire streams at Azula, but she backflipped and dodged the attack.

"So what do you want to do here, challenge me to an Agni Kai?" Azula taunted.

"Fine. I accept your challenge," Zuko said.

Azula grinned menacingly, shot a wave of fire, and the Agni Kai began.

Aang was walking through the palace when he heard an evil cackle. Aang ignited his lightsaber.

"Where are you?" Aang demanded.

A cloaked figure stepped out of the shadows.

"I am Darth Sidious," the man said.

"Yet people call you Emperor Palpatine," Aang said.

"Yes, my young Jedi. You must be the Avatar," Sidious said.

"As a matter of fact, I am," Aang said.

Sidious ignited his own red bladed lightsaber and waited for Aang to strike.

Aang swung down, but so did Sidious. The two locked sabers. The Sith Lord cackled. Sidious pulled away and swung down, but Aang blocked. Aang swung to the side, but the Emperor blocked. The two swung and clashed. Both swung again and clashed. Both swung down and clashed. Aang pulled up and swung down, but Palpatine blocked. The two locked sabers once again. Sidious swung, but Aang blocked. Aang swung, but Sidious blocked. Aang swung downward, but Sidious blocked again. Aang swung down, but Sidious blocked. Aang kicked Sidious, and the Sith Lord was sent flying down the hallway.

The duel had just begun.

Sokka was walking down the hall when the red blade of a lightsaber activated. Sokka ignited his own blue bladed lightsaber and faced his opponent.

Darth Vader.

"My sister! Where are you keeping Katara?" Sokka yelled.

"She no longer matters," Vader said.

"What have you done to her, you monster?" Sokka said.

Sokka made a sudden lunge at Vader but the dark lord blocked the attack. Sokka swung again and again, but each time Vader parried. Sokka kept swinging from side to side, but Vader blocked each strike.

"You are weak. Broken," Vader said.

"SHUT UP!" Sokka screamed.

Suddenly, Vader was on the offensive, and began driving Sokka back.

The duel was far from over.

Toph was walking through the palace herself when she sensed that she was not alone.

"Darth Zannah," Toph said.

"Hello, Toph," Zannah said stepping out of the shadows.

Zannah pulled off her cloak and activated both blades on her double bladed lightsaber. Toph pulled out both of her green bladed lightsabers and activated both of them.

Toph and Zannah charged at each other, and the duel began.

Suki was on the battlefield, fighting alongside the Fire Nation Army. Then, someone stepped forward to fight her alone.

Commander Cable.

Cable drew out both his blasters, and opened fire.

The battle was far from over.

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