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Book 2 Finale: Battle for the Fire Nation (Part 1 of 2)

Shinzo sat on his throne as Krios burst into the room. "My Lord" he said as he bowed. "Zuko and Aang are preparing to launch a offensive, I propose a surprise counterattack we sho-" Krios stopped as Shinzo rose.

"Do you honestly think I care about this pathetic nation?" Shinzo replied.

"But sire isn't it your home?" Krios said in shock. "Your armies home?!"

"And I'm supposed to care, we are all born into the world the same why does the location matter?" said Shinzo.

"Do you honestly think the army will agree to retreat?"

"Does it matter?" Shinzo replied hardly taking notice of the conversation.

"General!" shouted Krios. A tall bulky man walked into the room. "Prepare to withdraw"

"You are joking my lord, why abandon our homeland?!" said the General enraged.

"I wasn't aware you were in a position to challenge my orders General" Shinzo replied turning.

"But sir you cannot be serious I won't allow it" shouted the General in defiance.

"Try and stop me" Shinzo said provoking the General.

The General jumped forward unleashing a flurry of punches at Shinzo who was unfased. The General's rage grew as he summoned all of his strength to burn Shinzo in massive wall of flame so powerful even Krios fell back. The General panted as the smoke began to clear revealing Shinzo untouched. Shinzo grabbed the General by the neck before shooting a blast of energy through his chest. Krios watched in shock as Shinzo brutally executed the General.

"Any more objections?" Shinzo asked as the room was silent. "Good, come Krios".

Krios stumbled to his feet and walked with Shinzo to palace's main balcony. As two guards grabbed the General's corpse away. The guard has begun to dig itself in but the operation was quickly stopped by Shinzo who ordered the commanders in for a meeting to discuss the plan.

Shinzo entered as the room fell silent with Krios taking a seat next to him. The commanders ranged from young prodigies to old grizzled veterans. The new royal guard lined the hall with their spears drawn. Shinzo has thought about resistance to this new plan of 'attack'.

War Room Palace

'The Final Strategy'

"Commanders, today is the day we put the Fire Nation down" The Commanders looked on confused. "The foundations of the city are being weakened to falter when Zuko's forces arrive we shall-"

"Never!" Two of the soldiers stood their faces red with rage. "I will never slaughter my own people!".

"Very well" said Krios as he threw two daggers at the men killing them, two guards dragged the bodies out. "You may continue my lord".

"Good, the foundations will falter when Zuko's forces arrive sending them plummeting into the volcano" said Shinzo now smiling.

A light applause soon formed from the Generals some from actual agreement other just for fear of losing their lives. After clearing the last few details they walked out of the palace to board an airship away from the island. To their annoyance it was destroyed by a recruit who, in revenge for his father (The General), killed himself to destroy the only transport off the island. The Generals began to panic while Shinzo and Krios got ready for battle, Krios sporting his double bladed spear with Shinzo going with his normal one.

"I guess this won't be as boring as I thought" said Shinzo.

"Agreed" replied Krios as they both headed into the city accompanied by their guards.

Fire Nation Beachhead

Aang and Zuko were in a makeshift command center while the sound of explosions rattled their ears. The landing had been successful mostly due to help from the Water Tribe but they were meeting heavy resistance going up the mountain.

"I have a idea, its risky but it might work" said Aang in realization.

"How do you mean risky?" asked Zuko.

" you mind being bait?" Aang looked as Zuko who had a rather worried look.

"Bait?" asked Zuko puzzled.

"Well if you go out there they'll send their backup forces to kill you, then I'll use Earthbending and Airbending to bring down a bit of the mountain that'll make it easier to charge!" said Aang proudly.

"Aang you never fail to surprise me" said Zuko admiring Aang's amazingly stupid plans.

"Sire the scouts have reported back" said a Captain who had just ran in.

"Good what do they have to report?"

"Mixed Sire you see there seem to be unrest in the enemy camp".

"How so?" asked Zuko.

"Shinzo's escape route was destroyed and a number of soldiers are refusing to fight!" said the Captain shocked himself by this information.

"Can we get them to join us?" asked Zuko exited by the prospect of defection.

"Well their dead, executed by a man in a black cloak" said the Captain.

"Krios!" Aang said angrily. "Leave him to me Zuko, only I can damage him".

"Agreed, well then lets do this!"

Zuko and Aang ran out the tent as Zuko mounted a Komodo Rhino. Aang waved goodbye as Zuko charged into battle, he jumped up and began to glide so he could reach the mountain. He laid in wait for the enemy troops to realize. As he planned the reserves moved up he began to go into the Avatar State temporarily as he bent the Earth forming a path where Zuko was. It worked perfectly, Aang thought as the enemy lost their grip and slid to their doom. However what Aang didn't realize he'd attracted some unwanted attention.

Zuko and Aang reunited as they fought back to back, Aang could see in the distance a red spear as his soldiers fell before the enemy. Aang rushed their aide to find Krios as usual showing no regard for the lives he ended.

"Ahh Avatar how are you doing?"

"Krios!" Aang grew angry. "Damn you!"

Aang unleashed a fusion of Fire and air creating a massive fire wave that shot at Krios, unfortunately Krios took the attack while his soldiers didn't. Krios mocked him as he regain his composure and to his shock Aang's fists were untouched by his spear.

Aang lost his stance for a moment which is all Krios needed. He shot the Airbender back before restraining him against the rocks with use of the fire rings. Aang struggled and Krios unleashed blow after blow, Aang grew more angry before unleashing the Avatar State! With his new power Aang ripped the rock away and smashed it into Krios sending him flying.

Meanwhile Zuko was fighting for his life as Shinzo mercilessly pursued him. Shinzo cut down any soldier that tried to aide their Fire Lord, Zuko's sword crossed blades with Shinzo's spear and to his shock was cut in half by the spear like paper. Zuko fell back as Shinzo continued to attack.

Krios tried to fight back against Aang but was no match for his enhanced bending. Aang unleashed a flurry of blows before finishing Krios with a water whip to the face. Krios fell to his knees and as a last act of defiance shot a powerful blast at Zuko before 'succumbing to his wounds'.

The blast struck Zuko paralyzing him, Shinzo prepared to attack with his spear but was stopped by Aang who had caught the blade in between his hands. He beckoned for Zuko to leave.

"Zuko leave I can handle him!" said Aang struggling against Shinzo.

"No I deserve to fight for my nation" said Zuko in protest.

"Darn it Zuko" Aang sighed.

Aang looked at the Fire Lord sending him back to the beachhead in a strong gust of air. Zuko punched the ground in anger as Aang denied him to fight as if he were a child. Aang threw Shinzo's spear but was unable to defend a straight punch to the chest. Aang fought back instantly as he Energybent a small portion of Shinzo's power away from him. The Fire Lord stumbled back as he charged again at the Airbender. Aang took his blow and fell back towards a rock. Shinzo reclaimed his spear and prepared to finish the job but as he raised his spear the ground began to collapse around them.

"Oh..." Aang begun

"...Shit" replied Shinzo.

Will Aang escape the collapsing island? Will he defeat the Dark Lord Shinzo? Is this the end of the Fire Nation? Find out next time on The Black Shadow!

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