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Battle for Roku's Island


Battle for Roku's Island


Battle of Azulon's Gate


Coast of Roku's Island




Fire Nation

Blue Flame


Fire Lord Zuko

War Minister Qin

Forces involved

  • 1 Empire Class Battleship
  • 4 Battle cruisers
  • 1 Empire Class Battleship
  • 6 Battle cruisers
  • 3 Coastal battery systems


  • Minor damage to Empire Class Battleship
  • 2 Battle cruisers damaged
  • Minor damage to Empire Class Battleship
  • 1 Battle cruiser sunk
  • 2 Battle cruisers damaged
  • Coastal battery system destroyed



Following the Ember Island Uprising, every Fire Nation island came under the control of the Blue Flame. Fire Lord Zuko ordered for a naval assault to meet the Blue Flame Navy in a decisive battle and destroy it, reclaim the islands and force the Blue Flame to surrender.

The particular purpose of this mission was to destroy the Blue Flame strong hold on Roku's Island.


The battle opened with a long ranged bombardment of the Blue Flame fortress. They bombarded the island with the bow of the ships facing the island. This created a smaller target for the defenders to strike. The bombardment drew out a portion of the Blue Flame fleet. They fired a raking broadside against the lightly armoured bow of the Fire Navy ships. Most blasts missed, owing to the positioning of the ships. Zuko's ships then sailed forward and launched fire balls. Despite not being able to utilise all the catapults, Zuko's ships caused great damage to the Blue Flame's navy. The two Empire Class Battleships squared off, dealing roughly equal damage.

A Blue Flame cruiser was sunk when the hull was pierced by an explosive ballista bolt. With two more cruisers damaged, the Blue Flame navy abandoned the battle, abandoning the coastal battery systems. The Fire Nation was unable to overcome the batteries.


Despite being a Fire Nation victory, the Battle for Roku's Island was indecisive. The Blue Flame managed to retreat its navy and the Fire Nation was unable to capture the island. Despite what both Fire Lord Zuko, and War Minister Qin desired, this naval engagement was not decisive.

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