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Battle for Fire Fountain Village


Battle of Fire Nation Capital


  • Decisive Blue Flame strategic victory
  • Blue Flame operational failure


  • Fire Nation
  • Hellenic Army
  • Foreign volunteers
  • Blue Flame
  • Hellenic volunteers


  • Zuko
  • Philip
  • Sokka
  • Azula
  • War Minister Qin †
  • Malus Ignus

Forces involved

  • 1 Empire-class Battleship
  • 7 Cruisers
  • 4 Water boats
  • 100 Fire soldiers
  • 50 Water warriors
  • 70 Earth soldiers
  • 150 Hellenic soldiers
  • 1 Empire-class Battleship
  • 12 Cruisers
  • 300 Soldiers
  • 50 Tanks


  • 2 Cruisers sunk
  • 3 Cruisers damaged
  • 20 Fire soldiers
  • 10 Earth soldiers
  • 60 Hellenes
  • 1 Cruiser abandoned
  • 2 Cruisers sunk
  • 100 soldiers
  • 10 Tundra Tanks


The Battle of Fire Fountain Village was the Blue Flame's first battle on a major Fire Nation island and resulted in the loss of War Minister Qin. It was also the first time the foreign volunteers were involved.


The Battle of Roku's Island was indecisive, making both parties look to strike a crippling blow. Total naval supremacy would be vital to winning the war. With the Fire Navy out of the way, the Blue Flame would be able to land unopposed on the Fire Nation mainland. On the other hand, if the Blue Flame Navy were destroyed, they would be unable to attack and would not be able to defend their captured islands.

Strategic Considerations

Fire Fountain Village was the last island still in the possession of the Fire Nation. It was an important naval base and had since had a build-up of Hellenic, Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom forces. The Blue Flame deemed it important to wipe out the loyalist presence on the island to gain access to the mainland, defeat the Fire Navy and force Zuko's allies out of the war.


Naval Battle

The Blue Flame's Navy quickly landed troops on Fire Fountain Village and then moved on to catch the Fire Navy in the ports. 4 Fire Navy cruisers were trapped in their ports. The two navies exchanged blasts, with the trapped Fire Navy taking more hits than the spaced out Blue Flame Navy. A Blue Flame cruiser was encased in ice and abandoned. Using the darkness of night, Water Tribe ships managed to approach, undetected by the Blue Flame and take out a ship.

The Fire Nation's Empire Class Battleship, the Zuko, escorted by an additional three cruisers clashed with the Blue Flame's forces, in an attempt to relieve the port. After intense fighting, the Fire Navy managed to break out of the port. The fighting remained a stalemate until the evacuation of the ground forces required an escort to the mainland.

Land Battle

The shock and power of the Blue Flame's late night attack scattered the defending forces. Hellenic and Fire Nation forces were pushed back to the Western-most beaches of the island. Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe forces were surrounded in the centre of the city. Earth bending troops erected makeshift walls around the city and braced for the attacks. When the walls were breached, intense street and house-to-house fighting commenced. The defenders repelled the three waves of attackers, and decided to attempt to break out of the city, to link up with the Hellenes and Fire Benders.

The break-out was successful, leading to a defeat of the Blue Flame. While the majority of defenders retreated, a small volunteer regiment, as well as local militia stayed behind. On the second day, the Blue Flame launched another invasion, defeating the invaders and securing the island.


A task force comprising of Aang, Toph, Katara, Mai and Ty Lee raided the Blue Flame's camp. There, Toph and Katara destroyed three tanks with metal- and waterbending respectively. Ty Lee, Mai and Aang battled the alerted guards, led by Qin. After a short engagement, Mai pinned down Qin and Ty Lee battered him to death through airbending. When Blue Flame reinforcements arrived, the task force was forced to evacuate.


The defeat in the Battle for Fire Fountain Village enabled the Blue Flame to obtain a launching pad for the invasion of the Fire Capital. However, the attack was not totally successful as it did not achieve total naval supremacy and Zuko's allies managed to retreat to the mainland, keeping them in the war and strengthening their resolve.

The attack forced Zuko, Sokka and Philip to have the Fire Fountain Conference, a meeting which re-thought their military strategies and focused on military unit, as opposed to separate battalions.

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