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The battle at the fire lion turtle valley was the final battle of the War of Spirituality. It took place on the summer solstice 9,738 BG, in a valley in the western proto-Earth Kingdom continent that once harbored a fire lion turtle. This lion turtle had a city built upon its back ruled by the Chou family, and granted fire to its residents, namely the huntsman, Jaya, and the eventual first Avatar, Wan.


The battle was planned at least two years in advance of its occurrence. It was first mentioned in Autumn 9,740 BG by multiple strategists at Gaza's temporary encampment in the southeastern Fire Islands, which was infiltrated by Guilin, who learned of the impending battle. In particular, he learned that the battle would take place within two years, in a valley that once housed a fire lion turtle in the western proto-Earth Kingdom continent, and on the day of the summer solstice.

Upon being captured by Gaza and some of his men, Guilin was eventually freed by Avatar Singi in a skirmish that left the warlord alive, but heavily injured. Despite battle plans being leaked to the enemy, Gaza shrugged this off, stating that the battle was not only meant to capture and settle in the valley, but also to kill Singi and any of her allies who joined her in the battle. Hence, Guilin's espionage actually worked in his and Maku's favor.



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The Avatar State mastered

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After having been pummeled by the now fully-realized Avatar Singi, Maku staggered to his feet and noticed Jamyang, who was knocking back several soldiers by airbending with his cane, out of the corner of his eye. He approached the elderly monk, exclaiming, "The battlefield is no place for an old man such as yourself.  Please, allow me to escort you out, personally!" With that, Maku swiftly grabbed Jamyang by the shoulder before stabbing him in the stomach with his dao, keeping the blade in place for a few seconds. Upon withdrawing his blade, he stood over Jamyang while the elder slumped over onto the ground, critically wounded, during which Singi happened to notice the aftermath of the stabbing out of the corner of her eye. Enraged, Singi let out a deafening roar before entering the Avatar State and used lavabending to cause the nearby dormant volcanic mounds scattered throughout the battlefield to erupt before encasing herself in a sphere of molten lava.

After a few seconds, the lava sphere broke down, revealing the spirit of Avatar Wan in the Avatar State, also appearing infuriated. Baffled, Maku could only let out a couple of words in bewilderment before Wan rushed towards him, riding a wave of earth before stopping in front of the warlord and bending the wave into a rock pillar, striking Maku point-blank in the stomach. The impact caused Maku to fly into the air, yelling, before descending and ricocheting a few times against the ground, skin being torn off along his arms and face, and his helmet bent out of shape. After being further beaten mercilessly by Wan, an air vortex formed around the former Avatar, obscuring him until the vortex dissipated, revealing Singi, slightly tired, but able to compose herself within a few seconds. After collecting herself, Singi opened her eyes, revealing that she was no longer in the Avatar State, and starred down at Maku with a calm yet inwardly stern expression. Maku steadily lifted his head to return Singi's gaze, panting heavily before stuttering, asking how her predecessor could have appeared before him and inflicted physical harm. Singi responded that Maku had severely hurt their friend, and Wan's spirit would have none of it, giving him a taste of what she as the Avatar is capable of before asking Maku if he thought she was a failure now, to which Maku does not answer.

Singi then briefly entered the Avatar State, her voice once again intermingled with Wan's and Raava's, exclaiming:

"Maku, you and Gaza have brought about terror, chaos, and the prospect of large-scale annihilation for the past nine years since setting foot on this land, and now, you will face your punishment."

Singi then encased Maku in a cone of earth similar to Gaza's prison, immobilizing him before exiting the Avatar State and adding that the punishment "... will not be by me." With this, Singi's eyes and tattoos glowed briefly yet again, but additionally, Raava's pattern glowed on her body.  Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and a few yards away, the heart-shaped symbol associated with the fire lion turtle began to glow a bright bluish-white.  After a few seconds, Singi's glows faded away; while the pattern on the ground continued shining until shooting up into the sky from the design was a large crowd of spirits, led by the aye-aye spirit. The aye-aye spirit ordered "TAKE HIM DOWN!!!", pointing at Maku, before the accompanying spirits called in support before running, gliding, and flying over towards the warlord. Maku looked towards the mass of spirits in absolute fear, his pupils shrinking, mouth agape and exclaiming a desperate cry of "NO!"  As the spirits closed in, they collectively dive-bombed into the body of the warlord, the impact causing the rock prison to shatter as Maku shouted loudly in pain, his body convulsing and contorting violently as his limbs and face transitioned between multiple color patterns, skin textures, and appendages akin to the multiple spirits possessing his body.  After a total of fifteen seconds, Maku's disfigured body collapsed to the ground in a heap before the multitude of spirits exited his lifeless form which was soon consumed by a flame-like spiritual energy.  The flames soon lessened into wisps before disappearing completely, Maku's body gone.


With the battle finally over, the winning parties collected their bearings and cheered in celebration, having finally won the war. Upon being freed from his earth prison, Gaza was arrested and imprisoned for life for his actions during the war, ending his reign as a warlord.

Singi, Gulin, Gekkō, Dao, Jiefeng, and Qiú immediately rushed to Jamyang's side, and Singi attempted to heal him. What with the grievous wound in Jamyang's stomach being mostly internal, she could not do much to save him. As he laid dying in Singi's arms, Jamyang quietly whispered Wan's name, which caught the group's attention. From Jamyang's perspective, a vision of 39-year-old Wan appeared kneeling above him, thanking him for all that he did in his mission to help bring peace and balance to the world [by mentoring Singi]. Jamyang can only weakly utter "You're welcome..." three times, while Singi called to a seemingly delirious Jamyang as those before him looked at the elder worriedly. Jamyang finally closed his eyes slowly, exhaling his last breath gently, and dying with a smile on his face. The group grieved for the monk, Singi in particular.

A few days after the battle, the city of Gai Chan was liberated, and surviving residents who fled the city were either located within the continent, or returned themselves. A document was also found, written by Gaogui, requesting that Dao succeed him as the leader of the city. A formal inauguration was held, attended by Avatar Singi, Jiefeng, the Gai Chan residents, Dao's immediate family (i.e. his parents and younger brother), and those in the proto-Water Tribe and proto-Earth Kingdom that survived the final battle, and Dao was declared the city leader of Gai Chan.

Later that day, Singi, Gulin, Gekkō, Dao, Jiefeng, and Qiú reached Wan's grave in the field of large earth coins. There, they held a funeral and buried Jamyang in a grave beside Wan's, finally uniting two friends connected by an unbreakable spiritual bond.


  • While non-canon and unfinished, the location of the fire lion turtle (and hence, the battle) used was based on the location depicted in The Journey of Wan article featured on the Avatar Wan Meta Tumblr page.
    • In addition, the patterning of the fire lion turtle along the battleground signifies not only that a fire lion turtle once resided in the area, but that the area is spiritually significant, allowing the spirits to enter the physical world through the pattern during the solstices.
      • This is similar to the earth lion turtle's pattern being found on the western slope of Mt. Makapu, near the proto-Earth Kingdom settlement of Bianji where the spirit skirmish occurred on the winter solstice of 9,750 BG.
      • In addition, the water lion turtle's pattern was found on a rock slab north of the city of Gai Chan, which was eventually sieged by Maku and Gaza in Spring 9,742 BG.
      • The air lion turtle's pattern was found in a portion of the northwestern proto-Earth Kingdom not far from the [still being constructed] Western Air Temple during Singi, Guilin, and Jamyang's visit to the temple in 9,740 BG.
        • Coincidentally, the order in which the lion turtle's patterns were shown in the trilogy mimics that of the Avatar Cycle.
  • Maku's death is a case of irony, in that he is ultimately killed by the very entities which he believed should have nothing to do with the mortal world ever since the onset of the era of the Avatar.
    • His death is also in reference to "Beginnings, Part 1" and Part 2, in which a spirit who possesses a human's body for too long will result in death for the latter.
    • While not directly implied, the author revealed in the Trivia section of the final chapter of the trilogy that Maku was taken to reside in the Fog of Lost Souls, becoming the first human inhabitant of the Spirit World prison.
  • Jamyang's death mirrors that of Wan's—a combination of old age and battle wounds.
    • In addition, the author left the 39-year-old Wan's appearance to the dying Jamyang as intentionally left for interpretation. This allows readers to debate as to whether Jamyang's high spirituality allowed him to see Wan's spirit, or if he was simply delusional in his dying breaths, and imagined Wan's form taking place of Singi's as he was dying in her arms.
  • Singi being unwilling to kill either Maku or Gaza reflects Aang's unwillingness to kill Phoenix King Ozai near the end of the Hundred Year War.
    • In addition, her decision not to kill either warlord as a means to end the war reflects the first piece of wisdom Wan gave her in "Spiritual Workings": "Even more than your physical strength through the elements, rely on your inner strength—for the decisions you make can set the path for not only yourself, but those around you, and ultimately, change the world."

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